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Shiraz Baloch
Shiraz Baloch
Bolan Grammar School Turbat Kech
Published On Feb 25th 2013
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Once there was a child who sent for education another place. The first he saw the places which were completely different but he made himself satisfied that it is the place where he has to live. Then the second day he went for admission but this time he failed the test he was not happy and not sad because he was in the same place where he was before and unhappy because he failed to make his life better. After he got another opportunity so he came he took the test he passed it. Now it was the time for making friends they were new and strangers but he was so simple soon he made many friends one day his neighbour asked him: do you know playing football? He said yes. He was invited for playing football so he went there he got his best friends soon their team broke but they made it again. It was the time for programs so took part in speech so he was practicing his speech a teacher asked: are you interested in acting? So he got a chance but he lost the chance but he got first position it speech after he was famous but he wanted make his position more stronger and famous so it is was the time for school program he got first in speech also he wrote a drama but he said I will act my drama. Now it was the shot if he do it well he will get more chances he did he succeeded he was on the top he got positions at last he saw himself and said the persons who will control changes or merge in them.

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Comments 3
Ibrahim Wa shariz thi story.bas to comment .nice shairaz keep writing Ibrahim
Sep 4th 2013
Muhammad * a little boring Muhammad
Mar 8th 2013
Soha Nice Soha
Mar 1st 2013

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