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Zoya Ahmed
Zoya Ahmed
Usman Public School
New Way Rhymes Stories
Published On Feb 25th 2013
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ONE day tom and their parents decided to go his grandmother’s house. She lived in nearest town. But his shoe was torn, he went to cobbler and said :-
Cobbler cobber mend my shoe
Then half a crown I will give you
The cobbler stitched his shoe and tom back to his home but the weather become cloudy his father said we cannot go grandmother’s house today because of the weather but you can play with your friends the tom was a good boy he obeyed his father and went to the park in the park he saw his friends jack and jill
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Tom and Jill help the jack to get up they started to play but the little drops of rain started disturbed them so they started to sing the poem
Rain rain go away
Come again another a day
Little Tommy wants to play
When they were singing the poem they saw some sheeps. they started to count the sheeps. Naughty tom saw one little sheep who was sitting under the shed of tree tom asked
Baba black sheep have you any wool
sheep replied
yes sir yes sir three bags full
one for my master one for the dam
one for the little boy who lives down the lane
When they were singing the heavy rain has been started they ran back to the home when the reached home the top went to under the shed and he saw all the things pointed with the rain but he was save. so again he sung the poem
rain on the green grass
rain on the tree
Rain on the house top
But not on me
His mother called him in the home to sleep.

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Comments 15
qurratul It's a very wonderful try,story...!I love it And plzzz don't mind the bad comments,try to write a good,new story...! Qurratul
Jul 1st 2014
ABIA Hey don't be sad if people say your story is senseless. Ayesha is very mean. You shouldn't listen to her. Any way I read her comment and I think she meant to say your story is very bad. Abia
Jun 21st 2014
Noorul ZOYA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU NOT ANSWERING MY FRIEND REQUEST ?????? Noorul
Jun 21st 2014
Tooba It has many grammar mistakes.i am not fighting with u only telling the mistake Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
Tooba 1 more thing when u write any of the name try not 2 write the before it other wise very nice Tooba
Dec 9th 2013
syeda tahira Ur welcome zoya n keep trying do not let the people break u down with there mean comments :D Syeda Tahira
Mar 15th 2013
Mar 15th 2013
zoya Jazakallah tahira api Zoya
Mar 14th 2013
tehmina I didnt understand this story sorrrry but really Tehmina
Mar 11th 2013
sumaiya It as nice but you need improvement:) Sumaiya
Mar 10th 2013
syeda tahira People u hould really learn to appreciate things. so she tried something new no one is perfect at first o.k get this point clear i think it was a amazing try :D keep up the good work Syeda Tahira
Mar 10th 2013
zoya Ok i jst tried to make story through poems, thanks aisha to told the mistake Zoya
Mar 10th 2013
qirat I didn't understand ... :( Qirat
Mar 8th 2013
Tooba I didnt understand ANY THING! Tooba
Mar 5th 2013
Mar 2nd 2013

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