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Irum Hayaat
Irum Hayaat
Tommy And His Father
Published On Feb 25th 2013
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A little boy called Tommy asked his father that where does the water from the taps come from?
Father: It comes from rivers and lakes.
Tommy and his father went fishing one day. Tommy's father accidentally fell into the water.
Tommy's mother came and asked: Where's your father, Tommy?
Tommy: He fell into the river, but don't worry, go home and he'll come out of the tap!!
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Comments 78
Nimra Heyy ayesha so how r u? :) whts going on these dayys? :) did u enjoyed ur summer vacations?? :) and when r ur schools opening i mean from which date?? my schools r opening from Monday 11th august..!! :/ :p then i would be more busy in studies!!!:/ Nimra
Aug 6th 2014
Nimra Oohh okk no prblm.. :) Nimra
Feb 24th 2014
Irum Hey Nimra!!! I a fine!! No yaar I dont have an FB account! Not until I'm 16! Irum
Feb 23rd 2014
Nimra Hi ayesha hw r u?? :) wtz going on these days? btw are u on facebook if yes than by which name?? :) Nimra
Feb 21st 2014
Irum Thank you, Nuzhat;) Irum
Dec 27th 2013
Nuzhat Heard from my sister 3 years ago Nuzhat
Dec 26th 2013
Nimra Hehehe ayesha maine tumhari mail ka reply krdia hai..!!! :)) Nimra
Oct 10th 2013
Nimra Ookk.. :) well go in my friends check their would be uswah rasool go to her stuff drawings butterflies their i have gave my mail.. so u can take frm their..!!! :)) Nimra
Oct 9th 2013
Irum Good news. I asked my mother and she said that I can give it to you. You can give me your email, then I'll send u a message like hi, hello, whatever. And if u get it, you'll know its me. Give me your email quickk....... Irum
Oct 9th 2013
Nimra But why??? if u can gave ur email address to hiba ahmed than why not 2 me?? :/ Nimra
Oct 8th 2013
Irum My mother doesnt allow Irum
Oct 8th 2013
Nimra Yeahhh... :P well ayesha can u gave me ur email so that we will be incontact with each other..?? :)) hope u understand it..!!! Nimra
Oct 7th 2013
Irum Ha ha Tommy zindabad Irum
Oct 6th 2013
Nimra Hehehhehehehe... lolxxx ayesha keeep it up aaalllaaaaaaaaaaa <3 :P tommy zindabad.. :D :P :) ;) Nimra
Oct 5th 2013
Irum Cum on, Areej, dont flatter me that much....:) Irum
Sep 25th 2013
Areej Owsummmm :P Areej
Sep 24th 2013
Soha Alright :( Soha
Aug 25th 2013
Irum Nothing is up. Irum
Aug 14th 2013
Soha Hi Ayesha.......... I am back. Well what's up???? Soha
Aug 13th 2013
Irum Thanks yar! actually jub mene tumhara comment parha to me larne wali thi par me ne chor dia, or sirf"oh ok" likh dia.... So I think its better that we shudnt fight. It results in bigger friendship...... Irum
Aug 8th 2013
Aug 6th 2013
Irum Oh ok Irum
Jul 31st 2013
Emel Its copied!!!! Dont do that please show us ur own creativity ! Dont mind! Emel
Jul 28th 2013
Irum Aww, thnx!! Irum
Jun 11th 2013
Soha Oh so sweet of u! You're also :) Soha
Jun 9th 2013
Irum :) Your'e a GREAT friend.... Irum
May 31st 2013
Soha No Thanx in frndship esp in our frnd ship! Soha
May 29th 2013
mary Lol tee hee Mary
May 25th 2013
Irum Thanks Soha for your support! i appreciate it.... Irum
May 21st 2013
Soha That's really cool! Soha
May 19th 2013
Soha Hey ayesha I think you're lame cuz you are posting lame comments. And Gullasht Baji you're older.. Why are u posting wrong comments?? That's really bad! Soha
May 19th 2013
Soha Oops Sorry! I was actually commenting on some other page and I mistakely published on this one.. Soha
May 19th 2013
Irum Soha, you're not sure for what? Irum
May 12th 2013
Irum My pleasure, Irum
May 11th 2013
Gullasht AOA thank you! Gullasht
May 4th 2013
Irum Walaikumussalam, W/A means "what". Irum
May 4th 2013
Soha I am not sure! Soha
May 3rd 2013
Gullasht AOA ayesha plz!! tell me what is mean by W/A? Gullasht
May 3rd 2013
Irum My pleasure! Irum
May 3rd 2013
Gullasht AOA thankz for telling me and i really don't know it Gullasht
May 2nd 2013
Irum Um, kk is the short or slang word for "okay". Didn't you know that, Gullasht Baji? Irum
May 1st 2013
Gullasht AOA what is Kk ? Gullasht
Apr 30th 2013
Irum Thank you Ariubyy and Sannyy!!!! Irum
Apr 29th 2013
Arouba He he nice! Arouba
Apr 27th 2013
Sana Haha! good joke! :) Sana
Apr 17th 2013
Irum Kk gullASHT BAJI Irum
Apr 15th 2013
Gullasht Ok so, why not v were frndzzzzzz Gullasht
Apr 12th 2013
Irum Okay okay enough negativity already gullasht baji!!! and ayesha Irum
Apr 11th 2013
Gullasht The joke was in the year of M.ali Jinnah Can you written new jokes instead of this rubbish! Gullasht
Apr 5th 2013
Irum Thankk you dear sister ayesha fr letin me know tht im lame maybe nxt time ill post a more interesting joke if u know what i mean!;) Irum
Apr 2nd 2013
Ayesha Lame joke! if u want 2 post lame jokes, go and watch PoGo u r a lame person Ayesha
Mar 23rd 2013
Irum Thank you mahnum Irum
Mar 23rd 2013
Mahnum Hahahahahahah very very funny joke Ayesha Mahnum
Mar 19th 2013
mariam Hahahahaha very funny Mariam
Mar 18th 2013
rabia Nice Rabia
Mar 17th 2013
Abdullah Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha great joke Abdullah
Mar 16th 2013
Irum Thank you Shaheer, Eriman, Eraj, Rabia, Sadia, Muneeb, Marwa, Ayesha, Areeqa and Nabeah.......XD Irum
Mar 15th 2013
Nabeah Love ur joke!!!!! :D Nabeah
Mar 13th 2013
areeqa Great job! Areeqa
Mar 9th 2013
ayesha Nice Ayesha
Mar 8th 2013
Marwa Hahahahahahahahahah goood joke Marwa
Mar 7th 2013
muneeb Old joke but still funny Muneeb
Mar 7th 2013
Mar 6th 2013
Irum Eriman? What kind of a name is that? Irum
Mar 5th 2013
rabia Wowwwwwwwww........very funnnnnny Rabia
Mar 4th 2013
Eraj You are welcome ayesha Eraj
Mar 3rd 2013
eriman Very funny but not much to me as i knew it already! Eriman
Mar 2nd 2013
shaheer Lol Shaheer
Mar 2nd 2013
Irum Thank you, Isbah, Hafsa, Raveeha and Eraj!!!! Irum
Mar 2nd 2013
Eraj Wow Ayesha love your joke. Eraj
Mar 1st 2013
raveeha Gr8! Raveeha
Mar 1st 2013
raveeha Gr8 joke . Raveeha
Mar 1st 2013
HAFSA Hahahahahahahahahahahha nice one! Hafsa
Mar 1st 2013
isbah Lolzzz! such a funny joke! Isbah
Mar 1st 2013
Irum Thank you everyone pleeeease like my joke Irum
Feb 28th 2013
faisal 0that was nice Faisal
Feb 27th 2013
Irum Thank Youuuuuuu, Affan!!!!=p Irum
Feb 27th 2013
Feb 26th 2013

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