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Fatima Uroos
Fatima Uroos
Divine Impressions
Published On Feb 25th 2013
Total Comments : 27
Total Views :  900
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Divine impressions
Passions ignite in the resonating so
Jealousy surpasses as in aspiration
Dales of loathing ameliorate into
Clusters of love
And mortal hearts pursuit ecstasy
All are ambitious to seize the enchanted
But it’s too hard to accomplish
That’s why these are the ultimate
"Divine impression"                                          

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Comments 27
sajahir Please accept my freind request Sajahir
Aug 9th 2016
Fatima Thanxx anum Fatima
May 11th 2013
anum riaz Awesome Anum Riaz
May 11th 2013
Fatima Thanxx Fatima
Apr 5th 2013
Soha Splendid! You are an excellent poet:) Soha
Mar 30th 2013
Fatima Thanxx Zaira for liking it Fatima
Mar 28th 2013
Fatima Hey guys comment on my another poem"My Deity" Fatima
Mar 25th 2013
Elsa As you are older than me so I have to use appi when I am talking to you because everyone have manners for their elders :) Elsa
Mar 24th 2013
isbah So sweet of u elsa to call me appi :) Isbah
Mar 14th 2013
Nimra Ooooohhh thats gud :) Nimra
Mar 14th 2013
Fatima Ohh so sweet of you nimra appi. I love you too as I am your younger sis Fatima
Mar 14th 2013
Nimra <3 <3 <3 u dear fatima :) Nimra
Mar 13th 2013
Fatima My pleasure Fatima
Mar 12th 2013
Nimra Ur welcome dear fatima Nimra
Mar 11th 2013
Nimra Ur welcome dear fatima :) Nimra
Mar 9th 2013
Fatima Thanxx zoya, nimra appi, asher and elsa for liking it Fatima
Mar 8th 2013
Fatima Thanxx a lot Asher Fatima
Mar 8th 2013
ASHER Excellent poem Asher
Mar 7th 2013
Nimra Ooooohhhh sooo sweet of uuuu.... (elsa) i have already comment on your drawing :) and thanks 2 say me a good friend and api as no doubt m a good friend :) Nimra
Mar 6th 2013
Fatima Please i want more comments Fatima
Mar 6th 2013
Elsa Nimra appi I know you are a very good friend.Please do some comments on my drawing.Please Nimra appi please Elsa
Mar 5th 2013
Elsa Please Nimra appi do comments on my drawing. Please Isbah appi do some comments on my drawing. Elsa
Mar 4th 2013
Nimra Nice one fatima :) Nimra
Mar 2nd 2013
Fatima Thanxx alot Isbah and i will add you in my friends dear Fatima
Mar 2nd 2013
Fatima Thanks elsa Fatima
Mar 2nd 2013
Elsa Nice sis.... Elsa
Mar 1st 2013
isbah Fatima u r an excellent poet! keep it up! plz accept my frend request Isbah
Mar 1st 2013

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