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Eraj Javed
Eraj Javed
St. Gregory's High School
A Good Citizen
Published On Feb 16th 2013
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A good citizen always behaves properly with respect and care. We should be good citizens, we should be maintain ourselves, and should be clean, our holy prophet (S.A.W) said "cleanliness is the half of faith". We love to be clean ,we  are sometimes careless like if we have ate something we throw the garbage into the ground this pollution occurs and this is not a good thing. What does other people think when they see you doing that realize our mistake and try to cope up with the good work. Remember people will always like you if you do and good things. control our tongue when you are talking to our elders, behave like human beings, keep clean, throw garbage in the dustbin ,these things should be follow by us. Sometimes I felt myself to don't want to do good things, but it will make a difference, have you ever listen the phrase "one small make a big difference", this phrase matches to our life that if we just join our hands ad stops pollution in the we can make a lot more difference. Allah loves people who follow his commands and do good deeds. I am really with those people, it’s just that they sometimes became careless and awkward and ruins their reputation. Do you why Allah created this world? So that we should maintain it, not ruin it for our lives. But people don't realize things and do whatever they like, that’s why they are called good citizens. Do you know America’s pupils maintain and clean that’s because they have strict rules and regulations about keeping their country clean. Our country should have this proper guidance. We should firm believe in our faith and do whatever it takes. As citizen we should also help others, if someone is doing wrong then we should always guide them to do right and we should plant new trees so that our country have greenery everywhere. I love to be a good citizen. Do you know why am I writing this Article? To let the whole country know that we should be good citizens too.
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Comments 3
Eraj Thank you tasbiha Eraj
Apr 6th 2013
fatima It is very very very goooood!!!! Fatima
Apr 4th 2013
Eraj Is this Article good or not? Eraj
Mar 25th 2013

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