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Rabia Ahmed
Rabia Ahmed
Usman Public School
Published On Feb 16th 2013
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Police officer (to his son): "why your result is so bad? From now onwards your TV and computer CLOSED"
Son: Take this hundred rupee and close the topic.
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Comments 54
Crystal WOW !!! NICE :D Crystal
Oct 6th 2013
Rafia :) Rafia
Sep 11th 2013
saman I am fine Saman
Sep 10th 2013
Rafia Em fine dear nd u?? :) Rafia
Sep 8th 2013
saman How are you now rabia you were ill sorry vi asked about you late how is rafia are you goi8ng to schol Saman
Sep 3rd 2013
Soha No thnks in frndship! Soha
Sep 3rd 2013
rabia Thnx alot soha nd rabia ..... :):) Rabia
Sep 2nd 2013
rabia Oh rabia i heard about u and i also will pray for u. Rabia
Aug 30th 2013
Soha AOA... Rabia, I heard about your health. I hope you get well soon :) I am praying for you. May Allah give you health Insha'Allah! Soha
Aug 25th 2013
Rafia Rizwan bhai ..... JAZAKALLAH :):):):) Rafia
Aug 24th 2013
Rafia ....... my frnds JAZAKALLAH ...... rabia api was having a very bad stomachache when she came home frm school nd we all thought that it would b a normal stomach ache but she didn't ate anything nd as the way she reacted towards the problem my parents took her to the hospital .... doctor said to urgently operate her ...... but when she was in the operation theatre, doctors said that she would b having her appendix surgery as this problem is frm 4 months ... doctors were saying that she would b dead it was a serious condition ...... but my Almighty ALLAH saved her ...... now she is resting in the hospital, but cannot move frm the bed ... she will come home in 2/3 days ... I will tell her that how much u all were worried ..... plz pray for her she can't even move :(:( Rafia
Aug 24th 2013
Soha Love u too and hope she gets well soon Insha'Allah! Soha
Aug 24th 2013
rizwan BEKAR.............................................nahi hai!!!:) Rizwan
Aug 23rd 2013
Rafia Well u all frnds r sooooooooo gooooooood ....... SOHA ND EMEL LOVE U BOTH ALLLLLOTTTTT :D well em replying coz bia api is not well so she's not using v shine :( Rafia
Aug 23rd 2013
Soha Not BEKAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just great! Soha
Aug 22nd 2013
Rafia Emel u r really nyc :):):) Rafia
Aug 21st 2013
Emel Well its not BEKAR!!!! GOOD TRY YAR!!! Emel
Aug 20th 2013
Rafia :( why?????????????????? Rafia
Aug 19th 2013
rizwan BEKAR....................... Rizwan
Aug 17th 2013
Nimra Yeahh rafia.. :)) and u welcum dear rabia.. :) Nimra
Aug 17th 2013
rabia Thnx Rabia
Aug 16th 2013
Rafia @Nimra............ HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! :D Rafia
Aug 16th 2013
Nimra Lolxx rabia soo true and agree with mawara.. :)) POLICE OFFICER ZINDABAD...!!! :p ;) :D Nimra
Aug 15th 2013
rabia Thnkuuuuuu :) Rabia
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Hehehehe LOLZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Soha
Aug 13th 2013
Rafia Ur welcome api :) Rafia
Aug 11th 2013
rabia Thnkuuu :D Rabia
Aug 10th 2013
Rafia HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Rafia
Aug 10th 2013
rabia :) :D Rabia
Aug 4th 2013
Marwa :) :P Marwa
Jul 19th 2013
rabia Ur welcome .................... :) Rabia
Jul 16th 2013
Marwa Thanks for the appreciation Rabia Marwa
Jul 14th 2013
rabia Yup......u r right Marwa!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Rabia
Jul 13th 2013
Marwa The police man gets what he has done with others :) Marwa
Jul 12th 2013
rabia Thnxxx Amna....... Rabia
Jul 5th 2013
Amna Nyc 1<3 Amna
Jun 27th 2013
rabia Again....thanks alottt everyone:).... Rabia
Jun 24th 2013
Jun 24th 2013
saad Lovely Saad
Jun 24th 2013
Tooba Nice Tooba
Jun 23rd 2013
Minahil Lollll Minahil
Jun 9th 2013
rabia Thanks Fatima Rabia
Jun 8th 2013
Fatima Hahaha funny Fatima
Apr 21st 2013
rabia Thanks everyone and i`m in campus 4 in ups Rabia
Mar 30th 2013
manal True police offisors take money and leave Manal
Mar 24th 2013
ayesha Cool Ayesha
Mar 8th 2013
leena Nice rabiya I am also in usman public school in campus 1 in which campus you read and in which class Leena
Feb 27th 2013
maryam Quite nice and true Maryam
Feb 25th 2013
(^_^) Lol ;p (^_^)
Feb 24th 2013
Arshia Bribery.........not again Arshia
Feb 19th 2013
zoya Cool, rabia in wich campus u r? in ups Zoya
Feb 19th 2013
Soha Cool! Soha
Feb 18th 2013
aaqib As company so the colour Aaqib
Feb 17th 2013
Irum Cool! Irum
Feb 17th 2013

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