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Omar Iftikhar
Omar Iftikhar
Institute Of Business Management (iobm)
The Diary
Published On Jan 26th 2011
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Ali was taking his afternoon nap when his cell phone beeped and received a message from his friend. Rubbing his eyes he read the message. It was Saturday, and as usual, his neighborhood friends would play cricket later in the evening.  

It was quarter to two in the afternoon, and the match started at five, so he had some time to clean up his room and take a bath. Saturday’s were off in Ali’s school, so he used to do his homework in the morning, then have lunch, take a nap and then would play cricket till eight at night, as the neighborhood kids only had one Saturday at their disposal to have fun so they utilized it at their best.

This afternoon, Ali did what he had been doing for the past three years; he took out his diary and wrote down the important events of the day. Ali had developed a healthy habit of writing a diary when his grandfather gifted him a new year’s diary, and advised him to make it a habit so he could keep a track of important events and the things he did. This day, he wrote; “Got an ‘A’ in my English test…Completed my Pakistan Studies and Urdu homework in the morning…Aunt Nadia called from Lahore” He closed the diary and placed it in his table drawer.

In the evening, his father, Mr. Tariq, came from the office and his mother started preparing tea, while his elder brother, who was in class ten, was watching television. Just then, the doorbell rang. “Ali, will you see who is that” Ali’s mother asked from the kitchen. Ali went at the door. “Ammi!” Ali said as he came back “It’s the cable guy, he is here to collect the monthly payment!”

“That’s strange!” Ali’s father said “I thought I had given him the monthly fees. Maybe it was last month’s payment which I remember!” Ali’s father went in the room to collect the money. Just then, Ali thought of something, his father’s memory is pretty good, and if he thinks that the cable guy collected his monthly fee then there is surely something fishy. Ali rushed to his room and took out his diary. He skipped pages backward and there it was. The cable guy had come twelve days ago to collect the monthly fees, and he collected it from his mother, as his father was in office.

Ali rushed back to his father’s room. “Father!” Ali shouted “The cable guy collected the monthly fees twelve days ago; I wrote it in my diary!” “What?” Ali’s parents exclaimed, and were in shock. Ali’s father went out to confront the cable guy “Haven’t I paid you the monthly fees already” The cable guy said “Sir, I’m new in this locality, I was asked to collect payments from the clients” he said. Ali’s father took out his cell phone and called the owner of the cable company, who checked the records and then apologized for he hadn’t marked Mr. Tariq’s name in the recipient’s section. That evening, Ali’s parents were proud for his habit of writing a diary; they were delighted for Ali had become an organized and a responsible boy.

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Comments 14
Fatima Fatimah api I read smash Fatima
Jun 18th 2017
Anam Great story i loved it Anam
Sep 29th 2013
fatimah Emaan do ya know the website of Smash magazine...been looking for it for so long!!! Fatimah
Sep 26th 2013
Emaan Aoa! I like your story! I love your articles in Smash magazine Omar Bhai! Emaan
Jul 25th 2013
Izza A.O.A! Omar! i think that your story is tremendous!!!!!!!! Izza
Apr 10th 2011
Zernab Really Nice Story!!!!!!! Zernab
Mar 13th 2011
Omar Thank you Aleena! :-) Omar
Feb 27th 2011
Aleena Your story is a good one Omar bhai! Aleena
Feb 26th 2011
Omar Thanks! :-) Omar
Feb 17th 2011
ayesha Nicee.... Ayesha
Feb 15th 2011
Shonazz Well...I see that you are absolutely right Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Omar Thank you Eiza and Ahmed for your comments and liking the story. Well, the name of my institution is Institute of Business Management it is known as IoBM. The "o" in IoBM had to be used otherwise it was IBM, which is International Business Machines, the name of a computer chip manufacturer. Therefore, the name of my institution is abbreviated to IoBM. You can also check :-))) Omar
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Omar! You have used Good words & I really like your story....I think Ahmed Alam is right about IBM instead of IoBM....Can you explain?? or is it a mistake... Shonazz
Jan 27th 2011
Ahmed Very nice story but I think yours institution would be IBM instead of IoBM Ahmed
Jan 26th 2011

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