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Tehmina Shabbir
Tehmina Shabbir
Children's World
Published On Feb 16th 2013
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Once upon a time there was a place where only children were allowed to go. In this special and magical place the children made all the rules. Rules about bed time, what to eat in breakfast, rules about bed times. Everything....One morning a naughty boy entered in that world he plucked all the flowers and threw them all around the garden."What are you doing naughty boy”, a child shouted when he saw that naughty boy destroying the beauty of garden. “My name is Raju and I will destroy everything. I am the king and every child is my servant "Said Raju loudly. The child collected all the children and they made a big net to catch Raju. In the dark night when Raju was sleeping they caught him in the net. In the morning he was very ashamed of himself. He said "Sorry" to everyone and became friend with all children.

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Comments 4
Nabeah Uhhh oookkkkk :/ Nabeah
Mar 13th 2013
mishaal Good moral!!! Mishaal
Feb 21st 2013
tehreem Ohh good one Tehreem
Feb 17th 2013
Soha Nice.. Soha
Feb 17th 2013

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