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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc)
Ali's Dad
Published On Jan 26th 2011
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Teacher wrote "M" on blackboard & asked Ali: Ali! what is this?
Ali: What is it?
Teacher (in anger): Your dad!
Teacher than wrote "W" on blackboard & asked haider: Haider! what is this?
Haider: it's Ali's dad but, he's just hanging upward!!... 
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Comments 23
Anam Funny!! Anam
Dec 24th 2013
xerac NYC 1 Xerac
Dec 31st 2011
Izza A.O.A! Imane, dude you ArE AlWaYs SaYiNg LOLZ....MeAnZ DaT LaUgH OuT LoUd.........PlZ Say SoMeThInG ElsE Izza
Oct 10th 2011
iman Hahaha....lovely...lolz Iman
Aug 18th 2011
Minhil Thanks Eiza.............. Minhil
Mar 19th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Brilliant joke izza Rockingurl Mina
Mar 18th 2011
Aleena Izza sorry to interrupt you but I don't think that all the GOVT. teachers are un-educated! Aleena
Mar 16th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! thankyou for everyone's comments. are you people fighting or discussing or trying to understand my JOKE... you people should try some sense... here a teacher said : "your dad" because..... he was a villager teacher....he wasn't an educated.... have you ever heard a CITY SCHOOL teacher saying like this........ but definitely you've heard a villager un-educated GOVT. SCHOOL teacher saying this... just this is the difference... PIVAK REPLY ME.................................... menahil u r good at telling someone...WELL DONE!!!!!! Thanks NAMRA....MARIUM....AYESGA....ARQAM & SHAMMAS for comments & also for trying to understand it... Izza
Mar 16th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! thankyou for everyone's comments......Pivak! are you in 9th class...if so, have you given BOARD EXAMS...if so,,, which board? BISE GUJRANWALA BISE RAWALPINDI BISE LAHORE or any other???? Izza
Mar 16th 2011
Bint waseem Nyc........... Bint Waseem
Mar 5th 2011
Muslim @menahil Yes I have heard people say it but not a TEACHER! and thx pivak lol Muslim
Feb 26th 2011
Muslim Yes I have heard people say it but not a TEACHER! Muslim
Feb 26th 2011
Minhil It's ok Shammas..........i'd like to explain u again if u didnt understand means that the teacher was angry....and people say this whenever they are angry..the teacher got angry that Ali said what is it.............a lot of people say this in anger.....havent u ever heard anyone saying that...?????????? Minhil
Feb 21st 2011
Muslim No sorry i didnt really understand ur explanation why did she say your dad what did she mean by it? did she mean she was going to call ali's father or what? i mean she could have said other things such as: 'I'm going to call the principal' or something plz explain further sorry 4 the inconvenience, menahil thanks Muslim
Feb 20th 2011
ayesha I like it Ayesha
Feb 20th 2011
Pivak In urdu we can say "tumhara baap" lolz do u understand now Pivak
Feb 19th 2011
Minhil Yes Shammas......she said ''yur Dad'' because she was very angry....Do u understand now???? Minhil
Feb 16th 2011
Arqam Realy very nice Arqam
Feb 14th 2011
Muslim Sorry for the comment i made earlier,i made a mistake. what i was trying to say was why did the teacher say 'your dad'. could someone please explain? Muslim
Feb 14th 2011
Marium Funny! hahahaha! Marium
Feb 14th 2011
Namra Nice joke.I liked it very much Namra
Feb 13th 2011
Muslim Why did he/she "your father"? Muslim
Feb 8th 2011
Rida Hahahah! Nice one! Rida
Feb 4th 2011

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