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Izza Waheed
Izza Waheed
The Vision Group Of Colleges (vgc)
The Mysterious Bakery Shop
Published On Jan 22nd 2011
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There was a mysterious bakery shop named "Jackie's sweets" located on mint road in Town Bang. The people of Town bang were frightened a lot & they went in their houses after 6'o clock because, as the clock struck 6, there were voices of people's shouting & crying all far away in the town. The people were confused & frightened so, there were no shops open. The only single shop that was open was Jackie's Sweets & the owner of this shop was Tim Humphrey. His face was black & long with pimples on the cheeks & he looked like a monster. He wore only & only Green clothes & the servants on his shop were like tiny fat dwarves & they also wore only green clothes. He kept small green cakes with bottles filled with green liquid. Tim Humphry had a bad voice & his servants were very mysterious & they all had long green pimpled noses. Very few people came to Jackie's sweets because they were frightened to see the servants.
A boy named Smith lived on Mint Road & his hobby was to explore new things. He was thinking of making a research team to find out what's the matter of the sounds? At last, he approved his request by his dad & he called a meeting of his friends & cousins in his house .He said them all to keep an eye on the servants of Jackie's Sweets. They all were ready to do this & their names were John, Sam, Katie & Sally. Katie was the observer & John was her assisstant. Sally was the reporter & Sam was her assisstant. Smith was the boss.
Next day, all of them spilt into streets. Katie & Sally were said to supervise Jackie's sweets. For this purpose, Katie & Sally dressed themselves into cute ladies & went in the shop. The owner, Tim Humphrey came to them & said, What would you like to purchase? Katie ordered two bottles with a big cake & toffees. Tim Humphry went in & his servants went out of the shop to clean its windows. Now, Katie & Sally were waiting alone in the shop. Katie's mobile bell ringed, she saw that Smith has instructed her to let Sally go in the personal room. Sally opened the door quietly & went in. Tim Humphry came back & said: Where did the other lady go? Katie said: oh sir! She got a problem so she went. Tim Humphry gave her the packets & leaved her out of the shop. She ran in the car & put the packets in the basket & started running the car wildly on the road. Where are you Katie? Smith asked her on phone. Oh Boss! Sally's in trouble, she is in the personal room of Tim Humphry. Oh my God! What would happen now? Smith got worried. Katie stopped the car in front of their camp & ran into the camp. Boss! Sally! She's not going to come back now, she was about to cry. Oh God! But don't worry, I bet she'll find a way out. Sam came & said: it is a report that Jackie's Sweets mixes certain ingredients which turn humans into tiny fat dwarves with green long pimpled nose. Oh god! open the material you brought...Smith shouted. Katie opened it & Smith said: Oh! Yucksss!! now let's do an experiment..bring a little dog wandering outside. Sam brought a Dog. Smith gave that material to the Dog & after 15 minutes, the dog turned into a tiny fat dwarf with green pimpled long nose & ran away. Smith said: what if Sally eats this material..Oh no!....At the same time, John came in & said: reported that people of Ring street are missing from several days. Oh! I understand it. They found that sally had messaged them & told them the there is a frame in the owner's room on which it is written "that people will eat this material & turn into my servants in shape of tiny fat dwarves with green long pimpled noses & When I will die, they will come back to their original shape". Okay! I've got it! Smith shouted happily. They went to the shop & called for Humphrey, he came & Smith shouted that "you are under arrest!!''. Humphrey said: Ho Hee Haa! You came in the wrong's 6 o'clock!!!!! Smith felt dizzy & Katie held him into Sam's shoulder. Okay! we'll go back right now....John shouted. Katie said: we should act upon your advice & at the same moment they saw a tiny fat dwarf with green long pimpled nose came out of the personal room, when Sam saw that dwarf he said: it's sally!!!.Katie couldn't believe on her eyes, she said: we'll find out a way to save the people of Ring Street. Outside the Bakery Shop, all those dwarves with green long pimpled noses started gathering. John gave Smith some water & Smith stood up. Tim Humphry was standing in front of the dwarves & he was wearing a long dark green shawl & he was looking like a big monster. Smith, the Boss, ordered all of his cousins to run to their camp, but, suddenly, those dwarves started shouting "Our Master, Tim Humphry" they repeated it several times & they also starting crying. Smith had understood the real reason so, they all went back & decided to do murder of Tim Humphry in the morning.They couldn't sleep the whole night. In the morning, at 11 o'clock, they went to "Jackie's Sweets" & Tim Humphry came to them, they ordered him two cakes & Tim Humphry went in, quickly, Sam went in the personal room & saw a big frame on which it was written about Tim Humphry. He saw a big Green bottle placed on the shelf, he had understood, the bottle had the life of Tim Humphry. On the other hand, Tim Humphry came out & said: here you are! at the same moment, John threw some sand in his eyes & Smith jumped on him..Katie threw more & more sand in his eyes & John shouted: Sam! Come out!..Sam heard him shouting he came out with the bottle & said: I've got a easy way to kill this monster...I'll break this bottle & he will die....He threw the bottle & the bottle broke into pieces & there was smoke all over there...As the smoke decreased...they saw the Tim Humphry had disappeared & there was a gentle lying on his place. The whole shop was converted into different colours & all the dwarves had been changed into people of Ring Street. Sally came in & said: Hi Guys! Smith looked back at her & said: well! You did a good job!!....Katie hugged her & they dropped all the people of Ring Street to their houses. At last, next day, the felt hungry so they went to Jackie's Sweets & saw a gentlemen coming to them...they bought a cake & he gave them a delicious cake...Excuse me Sir! Smith asked..Yes young boy! Tim Humphry replied. We saved you from that wicked monster & you came into your real shape..Okay! Thank you a lot you all! You look to me like super kids.

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Comments 54
Saadia When read it the first it was really scary Saadia
May 31st 2014
Saadia Hey aleena send me a friend request Saadia
May 22nd 2014
Anam Great but i'm terrified Anam
Sep 29th 2013
Khadijah Oh my I am so terrified after reading this story.Anyway nice story. Khadijah
Dec 6th 2012
Aiman Excellent attempt Aiman
Aug 6th 2012
Izza Thnkx a lot Xerac G...! U realy encouraged me..plx send me frnd my computer izt wrkin well....plx snd me request..i will b thnkful 2 u a lot.....................................em waitin' Izza
Dec 17th 2011
xerac Love it .........izza i always lv your stories (honestly).......mashallah u have a very gd talnt of writing stories........:D Xerac
Dec 17th 2011
Aliza Love it Aliza
Nov 6th 2011
Izza A.O.A! Mustajab & Mohammad, JAZAKALLAH KHAREN for appreciating & congratulating me. Izza
Sep 27th 2011
Mohammmad Congratulation Izza (Behan Gi).... I will (Inshallah) prey for your good marks in 10th class.....But i want to ask u that 10th class result has came so what is ur result??? Reply on my page Mohammmad
Sep 26th 2011
Zainab I lyk ur stories soooooooooo much Zainab
Sep 25th 2011
Izza I often participate in V SHINE magazine & right that i asked question by uncle shine. Thanks. Izza
Aug 27th 2011
Mohammmad I think you i have heard your name in V Shine magazine! Am i right? You asked questions from Uncle Shine.RIGHT? Mohammmad
Aug 27th 2011
Izza Thankyou VSHINE...!! you fulfilled your promise...of launching "Profile Page" segment.Thankyou so much! Izza
Aug 24th 2011
Abdur-Rahman Nice,but a bit too long Abdur-rahman
Aug 21st 2011
iman Brilliant...its really gud..I loved ur story....keep it up!!!!!!! Iman
Aug 18th 2011
mamuna Coooooooooool Mamuna
Aug 13th 2011
Wania Nice!!! Wania
Aug 7th 2011
Salwa Ohh...that was a long fight on a simple thing...:P hahhahahhhaa....:D be chill girls. Salwa
Jul 27th 2011
Namra Is this your own picture that u have displayed? Namra
Jul 24th 2011
angel Nice story izza best of luck for next time Angel
May 5th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! Hope everybody is fine...Thankyou for everyone's comments. Thankyou so much...really thankyou. Izza
Mar 13th 2011
maryam Nice story.... Maryam
Feb 20th 2011
Bint waseem That s a good story. u have a talent of story writing!! Bint Waseem
Feb 4th 2011
Shonazz My messanger is yahoo! ok... Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Aleena! haven't u read admin's message....we'll talk by messages now..but when that segment is launched...we'll chat there fine.... Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Aleena Eiza tell what way u have? Aleena
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz By the way!!! is it's ur personal id u hve...honestly tell me!!! Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz That's what I wanna explain u....look they are not publishing my ID comment...but i have a way...

Publishing id's is not permitted on

A new segment "Profile Page" would be launched very soon for messaging

V SHINE admin!

Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Well Menahil...I think she won't be able to sit on computer because she is studying hard.....& so you can talk with her after 12th sorry!!! but,,,she'll meet you I'm sure!!!!! Shonazz
Jan 29th 2011
Aleena Yeah! but u haven't given me your email address! Aleena
Jan 29th 2011
Minhil Assalam-o-alaikum Eiza.I am Menahil and i want to be yur sister Wafa's friend.i am of her age.i am 11 and study in class 6.and i am also studying for admission in a new school..... Minhil
Jan 29th 2011
Shonazz Tell me honestly aleena! whose id are you going to use???? Shonazz
Jan 28th 2011
Shonazz 1. I'm trying to be regular to my prayers. 2. I have 2 brothers & 3 sisters. 3. Yes! I obey them. 4. My hobbies are: . winning contests . writing stories . reading magazines . listening naat "Husby Ruby" & "Ya-Taiba". 5. My fav colour are Pink & Black. 6. Ramadan & Eid-ul-Fitr are my most fav Islamic events. 7. I like & love ALLAH (SWT), HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) & on the third my PARENTS. 8. I hate the deciever & those on which Allah (swt) is angry. 9. Luckliy!! you are my same age & same month of birthday.. My date of birth is 14th July,1997. Happy now!!! Shonazz
Jan 28th 2011
Aleena Yes! i do
yes! I have 3brothers
25 july 1997! : my date of birth
reading books! is my hobby
the month of Ramadan is my fav event!
NAATS ! (holy naat) i like listening them!
dishonests and liars! people i hate!
red is my best colour!
ANd now answer all these questions by yourself for me!
Jan 28th 2011
Aleena Ok yar give me your E-mail address. I shall mail you! Aleena
Jan 28th 2011
Izza If you won't make you ID...than this is our last I just want your ID......or Bye forever!!!!!!!!! becoz......look how will than i contact with u....????? Izza
Jan 28th 2011
Izza Huh Aleena! my questions are:
Do you pray five times???????
Do you obey your teachers & parents????? How many brother sisters are you???????
What is your date of birth??????
What are your hobbies????
What is your most favourite Islamic Event???????
What is your fav colour????????
What do you like & love??????
Which people you hate?????????????
Please write honestly.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 28th 2011
Eiza Well Aleena! 1st board paper is on 7th MARCH & I have ti BIND UP my preparation so....I don't think I won't be able to be on VSHINE as It is a symptom of Average Students...First studies than computer....I don't think someone is stopping you from or will stop you from making your own ID..... Eiza
Jan 28th 2011
Aleena My subjects in class 8th are: English , Maths , Science , Social Studies , Urdu , Islamyat , Computer , Home Economics! Aleena
Jan 27th 2011
Aleena Why are you not available after 31st January? Aleena
Jan 27th 2011
Shonazz Aleena! what are your subjects in 8th class???? I think I'm asking you this question 3rd time.... Shonazz
Jan 27th 2011
Shonazz Well Aleena! now don't say that you cannot make your own ID.....that's not the way....but, should make it because after 31st January I won't be available on than how will we communicate & also this an "open message system" its on you......... Shonazz
Jan 27th 2011
Aleena But how can i be your pen pal? i don't have my own id! Aleena
Jan 26th 2011
Shonazz Aleena! I don't want to chat with you but do you really want to be my PEN-PAL??? If so, than you should always be in contact with me...& will you be my FOREVER Friend???.... Shonazz
Jan 25th 2011
Aleena Actually eiza the problem is that I don't have my own ID. so , really sorry we have to chat like this! Aleena
Jan 25th 2011
wafa You wrote a good story.I like your story.Your story is excellent and very good. Wafa
Jan 25th 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum!
Aleena! This is what I will look like in Future!!!!! understand it....
what are your subjects in 8th class & will you be my Pen-Pal?
if you wan to be...than give me your Personal ID please.....
Jan 24th 2011
Aleena HHMMMM! then whose picture is this? Aleena
Jan 24th 2011
Izza Assala-mu-alaikum!Aleena!
I have wrongly typed "Yes! It's my picture!" It's not my picture.
Jan 24th 2011
HAMZA SAJI Good Job!!!!!!!!! Hamza Saji
Jan 23rd 2011
Izza Assalam-o-Alaikum! Aleena! Yes, its my picture. Izza
Jan 23rd 2011
Aleena Eiza is it yours picture? Aleena
Jan 22nd 2011
Wafa Hi! I also comment you. Wafa
Jan 22nd 2011

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