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Waqas  Khan
Waqas Khan
St' Laurance
Dolfy The Dolphin
Published On Jan 25th 2010
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One day a dolphin named Dolfy, who was very sad, had lost his family. He lost his family close to shore. This happened about a year ago off the coast of the Arabian Sea, where it all started.

Two Years later , Dolfy went looking for his parents. He woke up and went to the surface for air. When he came back, he saw a squid lurking under a bit of fiery red coral. Dolfy asked, "Have you seen any dolphins around here lately? The squid answered, "No, the last time I've seen a dolphin around here must have been. . . .well I don't know. Why, are you looking for someone?"

"Well yes, I lost my parents about a year ago and I haven't been able to find them since. Do you think you could help me?" questioned the dolphin.

"Why yes, I don't have anything to do. I may as well," replied the squid.

So they set off in search of his family. As time went by Dolfy learned a lot more about the squid and the squid learned a lot more about the dolphin. Farther on into the trip they met a whale named Tony. Tony was kind and helped out a lot on the trip. Even though whales eat squid Tony didn't eat the squid. He wasn't like the other whales. Tony was nice and ate plankton (a little plant). He ate plankton because he was a baleen whale.

Two days later something terrible happened. Something happened to the squid. It was something terrible. The squid died. During the night, a toothed killer whale came by while they were sleeping. This slowed down the process of looking for the parents. It took the two a couple of weeks to recover from the death of their friend. Then they moved on.

A few days later something else happened. Except this something was good. They reached a wonderful land with all dolphins and enough fish to last for a lifetime.

"So I guess this is it. I guess this is where you have to leave," commented Dolfy.

"I guess so," replied Tony.

"Well good-bye, " Dolfy exclaimed.

"Good-bye. I hope we meet again. So they left. Dolfy was on his own now and there was no stopping him from finding his parents.

The next day Dolfy spotted someone familiar. It was his uncle. Dolfy went up to him and said, "Do you know where mom and dad are?"

"Yes, as a matter a fact I do. They're in the cove over by the school of fish." So Dolfy went over to them and lived happily ever after. As for Tony, he went back home and lived happy to age 17.

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Comments 15
azka Nice 1 Azka
Jul 14th 2017
Berha Gul Noor for once could you appriciate someone for they're great efforts instead of being the rudest person I know??? Waqas very nyc story Berha
May 7th 2016
Wafa This is the best story I have ever read from such a young writter Wafa
Jan 21st 2016
Samir NYC!!!But You Should Have Written it more interestingly Samir
Jun 26th 2015
Tooba Its excellent Tooba
Apr 12th 2014
Gul Noor Answer me, mr.fartfeathers!!!!!! Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
Gul Noor Answer me, mr.fartfeathers!!!!!! Gul Noor
Dec 15th 2013
Gul Noor Not cool,are u my mother??? Gul Noor
Dec 1st 2013
Zuhaa I liked it but it was sad about the squid Zuhaa
Jan 28th 2012
Muhammed Usama Good story Muhammed Usama
Feb 4th 2011
hira Nice one. . . good struggle....keep it up Hira
Jan 27th 2010
sana The story is overall good but only the name of the dolphin which is given as 'dolfy' should be changed as it doesn't suit with the character. Sana
Jan 27th 2010
saji khan Nice story. i enjoyed a lot Saji Khan
Jan 27th 2010
saji khan Nice story. i enjoyed a lot Saji Khan
Jan 27th 2010
fahad Its a really commendable story. I appreciate the writer. I really enjoyed it a lot. Fahad
Jan 27th 2010

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