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Fuji Hao
Fuji Hao
Domestic bicycle that was a copy of an English model. This was a luxury bicycle manufactured around 1928 by Nichibei Shoten. By 1905, Hisajirou Okazaki, the founder of Nichibei Shoten, had already handled a very large number of the English-manufactured Radge, thanks partly to the friendly relations between the two countries fostered by their alliance. After World War I, the Radge trademark reverted back to England, and thereafter, Japanese manufactures started building a similar model under the name Fuji Hao. The change in popularity from American to English cycles was not only due to the alliance between Japan and England, it was also influenced by the fact that the 26-inch frames of the English models fit the smaller physique of the Japanese better than the 28-inch models that were commonly found in America.