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Samuel Cody
Samuel Cody
Samuel Cody, a US citizen, built the British Army Aeroplane No. 1 in 1908 and flew it on three occasions at Farnborough in that year. The plane had a 50HP Antoinette engine and twin chain-driven propellers. Cody's canard biplane did not contribute technically to aviation, but was significant in maintaining a public and military interest in flying.
He flew 304 feet on 29th Sept and 200 feet on the 14th Oct. On the third and final flight on October 16th he flew 1390 feet. The flight ended when the wing touched the ground as Cody attempted to turn, and the machine crashed. This has been taken to be the first powered flight made in England, although Phillips had made a short hop in 1904, and a longer hop of 500 feet in 1907.