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When I grow up

A young boy came to ASCHIANA to begin his education;
Eng. Yousef asked him to draw a picture of what he would like to be when he grew up.
The boy drew a picture of an aeroplane.
Eng. Yousef responded, “A pilot that is a good job, why would you like to be a pilot? Is it so that you can see many countries?”
“No” responded the boy
“A jet flies very fast, is this why you would like to be a pilot?”
“No, I want to be able to fly so that I can drop a bomb and kill the person who killed my father”, said the boy.
“This is not good. Did you see the man that killed your father? how will you find this man?” asked Eng. Yousef
The boy was silent for several minutes, finally he replied, “I will drop a bomb like they did to my family as long as someone is killed.”
After some time at ASCHIANA, attending programs and meeting with other children who had lost members of their family Eng. Yousef again asked the boy to draw a picture of what he wanted to be when he grew up.
The boy drew a blackboard.
“You do not still want to be a pilot?”
“No Eng Yousef!  I don’t want to kill anyone now. I don’t want any other boy to have no father and be like me.  Now I want to be a teacher.”

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