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Football crazy

Rameez was mad on football. Whenever you saw him he was kicking a ball. He was always kicking it around the garden or against the gable wall or in the park. The only place his mum would not let him kick it was in the front street. They lived in a short street at the top of a hill and she was afraid that the ball would run onto the busy road at the end of the street. Rameez couldn’t understand why his mum was so worried. After all, if the ball went onto the road it couldn’t do much harm, could it? Still, most of the time he obeyed his mum and only kicked it along the street occasionally when he was on his way to the park. Then one day, you guessed it, he kick the ball too hard and as it flew across the road he ran after it. Suddenly there was a squeal of brakes and he dived to one side landing painfully on his arm. Then there was a great bang as a car swerved around him and crashed into a van parked at the side of the road. The crash must have damaged the van’s hand brake and the van began to roll backwards down the hill. Faster and faster it rolled right down the middle of the road. All the traffic coming up the hill had to swerve out of the way. Several cars crashed into other cars parked at the side of the road, two smashed through garden fences, a bus full of passengers demolished a wall and ended up in someone’s front garden.
By now the van, travelling at a tremendous speed was tearing towards a bend at the bottom of the road. As it reached the bend it shot between two parked cars, mounted the pavement and with a great crash and a shower of glass buried itself in the butchers shop window. For a moment there was silence while the dust settled, then there was a whoosh as the leaking petrol ignited and the van burst into flames. Luckily it was Wednesday afternoon, the shop was closed and the fire station was in the next street.
 At the top of the hill Rameez held onto his arm as he looked down open mouthed at disaster his ball had caused and understood why his mum insisted that he never play with his ball in the street. The fire brigade arrived and put out the fire, the paramedics came in their ambulance and checked everyone out and the only one hurt was Rameez, who had broken his arm and had to go to hospital. Later with his arm in plaster he was questioned by the police, given a right ticking off and told never ever to kick his ball in the street again.It cost a lot of money and took two months for everything to be repaired and all because Rameez was stupid enough to kick a ball when he was told not too.

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