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  By Azam Tariq Kohistani  
I don’t know what director thought to give me the job to find an honest person for the office. He also asked me to take interview and select a suitable person for the job. I couldn’t say no to the director and make him angry, but they are only few honest people in the society, anyways I gave an advertisement in the newspaper and after a few days a large crowd of young men arrived at the office for the interview. The first person who entered the office was a handsome, tall young man with a full beard, without wasting any time. I asked him, “What’s your name.”
 “My name is Mohammad Omer Hayaat and I have done my masters in Urdu”.
 “Hmmm” I sighed, deep in thought.
 “So Mr. Omer Hayaat! How many place have you worked at before?”
 “No sir! This will be my first job if ……? “He left the sentence unfinished.
 “You mean this is your first job interview ever?” I asked in utter shock.
“No sir it’s been two years since I finished my masters and have been trying really hard to find a job but luck is not with me, luck only helped me where only bribe can work”
M. Omer Hayaat tone was filled with sadness that I could be easily felt
“Have you brought your documents with you?
“Yes sir “He handed me his documents,
I looked at them and they were perfect for our company’s level, but we needed an honest man because……..!?
“Ok so Mr. Omer Hayaat! Now I’d like you to hear our work details. We need a person who is “honest” because when it comes to money, many honest people have fallen off the wagon and up until now our three agents have bad deeds where money was concerned – This not a government but a private company and dishonesty in money is never tolerated by the company, that’s why they are in jail. To fulfill the customer’s trust we must have an honest person. Can you prove that you are an honest person?”    
“Sir I will not let you down.”
His tone was very confident but this kind of trust had us fooled us thrice.
“Ok, you may leave now I didn’t have any other choice to trust them blindly.
After that one different man came but except for Mr. Omer Hayaat , Abdul Hameed and Osama Farooq , no one else impressed me. Company had already paid their loss because of cheated by 3 agents. So now, it’s important to test them. I was in deep thought about which of the three men was best for the company.
“Sir its, time for prayers.” Said the peon to me and I was startled, by his voice as I was in a really deep thought. I couldn’t hear the Azaan as my room was soundproof while walking towards the Mosque unique idea came to my mind which solved my problem.

The three of them were sitting in front of me, after about two minutes of silence I broke the ice.
So my brothers! There is one job…. And three candidates……. I was in search of one person … right after taking your interviews I gave three of the company’s employees your addresses and sent them there to find out from your friends and neighbors exactly how” honest” you are? According to their reports all three of you are very honest and along with your neighbors but…….” I left the half sentence …..”
 But what sir? “The three spoke in chorus.
“But that special honest quality was found in just one of you three.”
“But sir who is that lucky person who is honest in your company’s sight.” Inquisitively could be easily found in Abdul Hameed’s tone-
 “I’ll tell that too but first I want to answer the question you all are hesitating to ask.” I said with a smile.
As soon as I became silent the inquisitively and eagerness on their faces increased.
 “Sir we are feeling a lot of eagerness.” Usama farooq said changing the topic.
“Your’e eagerness will be eased in a few moments.” I said enjoying myself. “The thing is that if only one person is worth for the job then why did I call the other two. So my respected brothers, the answer to this question are that I want to tell the other two their mistake so that they may not repeat it in the future.
All three of them got even more impressed by me after listening me. Now they were completely silent……..and their full attention was diverted towards me. At that time if any piece of paper flapped they would had irritated look on their faces…….but there was complete silence at that time.
 “The person worthy of this job………”
Leaving the sentence incomplete was perhaps my habit, but at that moment only their hearts were beating.
 “Is Mr.Omer hayaat……because you two haven’t been offering your prayers since long time while Mr. Omer Hayaat daily offers 5 times prayers.”
“But sir…….”
“I have understood what you were saying” I said without letting them complete.
But the truth is that the person who is cheating his creator (Allah), so how will he be honest with his company. My sentence made them bow their heads with shame, but I was hoping that they would not repeat this mistake all their lives and that was success for me……….

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