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Rabia reads a lot

Rabia did not like reading books as she was more interested in telling jokes and making fun of others. She made it her hobby.
“So class, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, that all of you have two weeks to read as many books as you can. Whoever reads more books will win an exciting gift,” the teacher announced in the class.
“You’ll have to read anyway. No excuses,” she said while glaring at Rabia.
The next day, Rabia felt very boring and exhausted while turning pages of a book.
“Reading is very hard and heavy work,” she slumped in her chair. “Why couldn’t the teacher ever do competitions such as… who’ll tell jokes, or who shouts out loudly in the class,” she thought.
Rabia knew her teacher Ghazala would never arrange such competitions. Well, no way was she taking part in a reading contest.
Everyone was talking about the contest the very next day. “What’s the prize?” shouted Sarah.
“Chocolates!” shouted Yasmin as she was fond of chocolates and ready doing all the reading for chocolates.
“No, they would be hairclips. I’ve broken mine last week. So it should be hairclips,” Fariha was very excited for the clips.
“Probably something awful but it’s mine whatever it is, it will be mine,” thought Rabia. But how could she win a reading competition without reading any books?
“Do comic books count?” questioned Hania. Teacher Ghazala glared at Hania with her beady eyes.
“Of course not!” she said. “How many books do you think you can read?”
“Twelve,” said Yasmin.
“Fourteen,” said Farah.
Rabia smiled. “Wouldn’t they get a shock when I will win the prize?” she thought.
Rabia stretched out in the chair and switched on the T.V. She had plenty of time to read. She would start tomorrow. But the next day, she got on T.V. once again thinking that she will start on all those books later.
Then came Friday. Wow! It was her favourite cartoon. She’d definitely get reading afterwards. After all, there was loads of time till the competition ended.
“How many books have you read, Rabia?” asked Farah.
“Loads,” Rabia lied.
“I’ve read five,” said Farah proudly. “More than anyone in my class.”
Rabia had an idea. “What if I wrote all of those books in the list? Who dare to ask?” Rabia had a plan.
She had to write the central ideas with the ending of book. She was sure to know the plot of Arabian Nights, once she heard from her mother. In this way she made up something for the next day. Now she had five books. Then Rabia had to face the terrible truth. She had heard Farah had seventeen. And then suddenly Rabia had a brilliant idea. It was so brilliant and so simple, that Rabia was amazed. Of course there were books that Teacher Ghazala didn’t know. Books that hadn’t been written yet! Rabia grabbed her list.
School of dreams. A school where no one had to read or write anything! Just fun and lot of fun.
A cat with no tail. A stupid cat whose tail gone in an accident. Rabia was so braved to write that!
A planet of Jumping Bears. Rabia thought of a planet where there are so many bears and only walk while jumping.
Rabia wrote and wrote and wrote. When she had filled up three pages with books and their crazy ideas, and her hand ached after writing so much. She stopped and counted. Thirty six books! Surely that was more than enough! Sounds good to me, thought Rabia. At last she makes herself to no more read.
The next day in the morning, Teacher Ghazala rose from her seat. Rabia was sure to win.
“The winner of the reading completion, the winner who will be receiving a fabulous prize, is Rabia.”
“Here you are with these lots of books,” Rabia silenced to hear this. Books? Surely she’d heard wrong?
“I hope you’ll enjoy all these. Read to the beat! Oh my, doesn’t that sound fun!”
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