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Hasan makes a newspaper

“I must get a new meccano in the last week of this month at any cost,” planned Hasan. But he had already bought a new remote control car last month. How could he get more money this time?
“But…but, wow, I can make a newspaper as Farhan did in his class. He was making it to sell and get some money for his projects,” thought Hasan. His class fellow Farhan once told him that he wanted plenty of money for his awesome project. “But how he would make it?” Hasan worried as Farhan known to be a teacher’s pet in the class so surely he would have a handful of ideas and also news surrounding in the school. But how he can get the news? Hasan began thinking.
“However, I’d do this at any cost.” The next thing was a name for the newspaper. The next morning Farhan and Usman were standing in the school playground waving big sheets of paper.
“Step right up, read all about it. Ahsan made captain of the school football team,” bellowed Usman, “get your Daily Dashing right here. Only 25 cents”.
“Who’d want to read that?” sneered Hasan.
“Everyone,” said Farhan. Hasan snatched a copy.
“That’ll be 25 cents, Hasan,” said Usman. Hasan ignored him. The headline read:
Usman, the best footballer in school’s history, beat out his puny opposition to become captain of the school football team! Usman gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Dashing:
“Its hard being as amazing as I am,” said Usman, “so many people are jealous, especially formers.”
“What a load of rubbish,” said Hasan, scrunching up Usman’s newspaper.
“I love school newspaper. You find out so much about what really happening at school.” This was physical trainer who was about to buy the Hasan’s newspaper. Hasan was selling it five more than Usman’s paper.
“What? How it can be possible? You mean Asad cheats in the last football match and the referee knew about it?”
“Off course, it happened last time and here’s the proof.”
“I feel ashamed to do so but thanks to Hasan who was aware about the thing. I’m announcing a rematch between Green House and Blue House,” read the next heading.
Everyone was shocked with the news and amazed how Hasan came to know it. Surely he has make understanding with the referee, but the referee was nowhere to be seen.
Hamza who was the captain of loosing Green House, ring to the referee and asked if it was right in the Hasan’s paper. There was no response from the other side. Anxiety was created in the whole school hearing the news brought by Hasan. Now the losers were shouting for a rematch with Blue House. Every effort made to contact the referee was useless even by the head teacher.
The next day Hasan was selling “new edition” of his newspaper which he had named “Beyond Belief.” Now it was worth 50 cents. But this time the seller was not Hasan but Azhar as he was absent on the day. Why Hasan did not come to school? The first heading read:
“Referee has refused to accept the news published in the Daily Beyond Belief yesterday. Moreover, Daily Beyond Belief apologised to make wrong statement about the referee…
Just wait till tomorrow’s edition…….”
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