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Who Did Salman’s Homework?

Salman never did his homework. He always said "Doing homework is too dreary". He just spent his time in playing cricket and football. His teachers told him, "Salman! Do your homework otherwise you will not learn anything." However what could Salman do? He did not like homework.
Then on one day salman found a little doll at his home. After getting that, he surprised, because it was not a doll at all, but it was a man of the smallest size. He had a little shirt with old fashioned pent and a hat much like a witch's. Suddenly that smallest man yelled, "Don’t touch me! And don’t kill me, I will grant you a wish, I promise you that."
Salman couldn't understand that what the smallest man was saying to him but after a mean while he understood that the little man is granting him a wish then salman requested him, "Please, you only do my all homework till the end of semester, that's 12 days. If you do a good sufficient job, I could even secure A grade."
The little man grimaced, showed some tension and said, "Oh, I also hate homework! But I will try to do it."
The little elf began to do Salman's homework. The little man did not know always what to do and he always required help. Salman would have to help him in doing his homework.
When the little man started solving mathematics question, he got stuck and called to salman to solve it. And in human history, he also said to salman to do this because he did not know about human history so salman had to do that home work as well.
In fact every day that little man was nag to salman. Means by this little man salman started working harder than ever. He stayed up nights, he had never felt so tired, and he used to go to school in this tired condition.
Finally the last day of school arrived and the little man was free to go. As there was no more homework for him, so he quietly and slyly slipped out from salman’s home.
Salman got A grade in his class and his all classmates were amazed; salman’s teachers smiled and fully admired him. Salman’s parents were also wondered that what had happened to Salman. He was now the good kid. He cleaned his room, did his chores, started living cheerful, and never showed rude behavior as he had changed his entire attitude.
In the end Salman still thought he'd made that tiny man to do all his homework. But it is not true because salman had to do all of his home work because that little elf always called him and made him to do homework; simply Salman had to do homework himself!
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