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The Wolf and the fox

  Hungary Folk Story  
The wolf had the fox with him, and whatever the wolf wished, the fox was forced to do, for the fox was the weaker, and he would gladly have been rid of his master. Once, as they were walking through the forest, the wolf said, “Red fox, get me something to eat, or else I will eat you myself.” The fox answered, “I know a farm yard where there are two young lambs.

If you want, we will fetch one of them to eat.” That suited the wolf, and off they went. The fox stole the lamb, took it to the wolf, and went away. The wolf devoured it, but was not satisfied with one. He wanted the other lamb as well, and went to
get it. However, he did it so awkwardly, the mother of the little lamb heard him, and she began to cry out terribly, and to bleat so that the farmer and his neighbors came running.

They found the wolf, caught him, and scolded him. The wolf went to the fox, howling.
“You misled me,” he said. “I went to fetch the other lamb, and the country folks surprised me.” The fox replied, “Why are you such a glutton?”

Next day they again went into the country, and the greedy wolf once more said,
“Red fox, get me something to eat, or I will eat you myself.” The fox answered, “I know a farm house where the wife is baking pancakes tonight; we will get some for ourselves.” They went there, and the fox slipped around the house, and peeped and sniffed about until he discovered where the pancakes were, and then drew down six pancakes and carried them to the wolf. “There is something for you to eat,” said the fox to the wolf, and the fox went on his way.

The wolf swallowed down the pancakes in an instant, and said, “I want more,” and he went and tore the whole dish down so that it broke in pieces. This made such a great noise that the woman came out, and when she saw the wolf, she called the people.

They caught the wolf and locked him in a cage. After two days, the wolf escaped. He went back to the fox in the forest. “You misled me again!” cried the wolf. “The peasants caught me, and locked me up.” The fox replied, “Why are you such a glutton?”
On the next day, when the fox and the wolf were out together, the wolf demanded,
“Red fox, get me something to eat, or I will eat you myself.” The fox answered, “I know a man who has been hunting, and the salted meat is lying in a barrel in the cellar; we will get that.” Said the wolf, “We will go together so you can help me if I get caught.”

“I am willing,” said the fox, and they set out walking along the paths until they reached the cellar. There was meat in abundance, and the wolf attacked it instantly. He thought, “There is plenty of time before I need to leave!” The fox liked it also, but looked about everywhere, and often ran to the hole by which they had come in. He checked if his body was still thin enough to slip through the hole. The wolf said, “Dear fox, tell me why you are running here and there so much and jumping in and out?”

“I must see that no one is coming,” replied the crafty fellow. “Don’t eat too
much!” Then said the wolf, “I shall not leave until the barrel is empty.” In the meantime the farmer, who had heard the noise of the fox’s jumping, came into the cellar. When the fox saw the farmer he bounded out of the hole.

The wolf went to follow him, but he had made himself so fat with eating that he got stuck in the hole. Then came the farmer and trapped the wolf. The fox bounded into the forest and never again heard from the old glutton
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