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Tortoise who disobey goose

  Indian tale  
In a certain pond there once lived a tortoise by the name of Kamburgriva (Shell-Neck). He had two friends who belonged to the goose family and who had grown very fond of him. One was named Sankata (Small) and the other Vikata (Large).

They regularly came to the pond's bank where they told one another many stories about the wise ones among the gods, Brahmans, and kings. At sunset they would return to their nests.

However, in the course of time the pond began to dry up, due to the lack of rain. Pained by this misfortune, the two said, "Alas, friend, this pond has become nothing but mud. How will you stay alive? Our hearts are saddened."

Hearing this, Kamburgriva said, "I cannot live without water. Let us think of a solution! For it is said, 'The wise always rush to aid their relatives and friends in time of need.' Therefore fetch a strong stick and seek a pond that still contains much water. I shall grasp the stick which you will carry in your teeth from both ends and thus take me to the pond."

"Friend, that we will do!" the two replied, "but you must remain as speechless as a saint who has taken an oath of silence, lest you fall from the stick and break into pieces."

The tortoise said, "For certain. I promise to say nothing from now until we have landed at the pond."

They proceeded as planned, and from his flight Kamburgriva looked down upon the city beneath him, whose startled inhabitants were shouting, "Look! Look! Two birds are carrying something like a carriage!"

Hearing their cries, Kamburgriva began to speak. He wanted to say, "What are you shouting about?" but before he had half uttered the words, he fell earthward and was torn into pieces by the city's inhabitants.
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