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Prophet Yunus (a)

The prophet Yunus was sent to Ninevah. He became known as the Lord of the Fish (Dhan-Nun). He warned the people about their evil ways and told them to follow Allah but they would not listen.

Yunus was so angry he left. He sailed away but the ship was so full and heavy, poor Yunus  was thrown  overboard.

He was swallowed by an  enormous fish and he lived in its belly for three days. Then the fish spewed him out on a shore.
He was very ill but  Allah was protecting him.

A plant grew and its leaves protected  Yunus from the sun and  kept the flies away. A wild goat provided him with milk. When he became  better he went back to  Ninevah and  gave  the  people  Allah's message  once  more. This time
the people listened and Allah forgave them.

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