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Prophet Ibrahim (a)

Many years ago a boy called Ibrahim lived in Canaan. he was very clever and was always asking questions. Most of the people he knew worshipped idols but Ibrahim did not.

The people had forgotten the messages that Adam, Hud, Nuh and Salih had brought them. Instead of praising Allah they worshipped statues.

Ibrahim told his father he didn't think people should worship objects they had made themselves. His father was angry and told him not to say anything about the gods again. Ibrahim decided he must show the people they were wrong so he  thought of a plan.

One night he sneaked into the place where all the statues were kept. With an axe he chopped off the heads from all but
one of the statues. The biggest one he left.

The next morning the people were very angry and upset at what had happened. They were sure Ibrahim had done it. They gathered in the public square and asked him if he had done it. Ibrahim told them to ask their big idol if he knew who was responsible.

But, of course, the statue could not speak and the people knew it was only stone. Ibrahim shouted at them and asked how
they could worship lumps of stone. The bad people were even more angry. They started to collect wood for a fire. They  were going to burn Ibrahim to death.

They made a big bonfire and put Ibrahim on the top. Everyone came to watch. They lit the wood. The fire burned, the flames grew higher and higher. The people had to back away from the heat of the flames.

Ibrahim was a good person. He believed in Allah. Allah would protect him. Allah would not let the fire harm him. When the
flames dies down the people could not believe their eyes.

They saw that Ibrahim was alive and the flames had not harmed him at all. How had this happened? They all knew this was a great miracle and they fell to their knees. This wonderful thing had made them believe in Allah. Some people would still not listen. They thought Ibrahim was just a magician Nimrod, the king of Canaan, heard all about Ibrahim.

He wanted to talk to him. He asked Ibrahim about Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah could do all things. He could give life and death. Nimrod said that he too could do that. His soldiers brought two men in. Nimrod ordered one to be killed and the other to be saved.

Nimrod thought that this made him like Allah. Ibrahim told him that Allah brings the sun every morning from the East.

He asked Nimrod if he could bring the sun from the west next day, of course, Nimrod was unable to do that.

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