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Talot and Goliath story

The children of Israel went to the Prophet one day .. Asked him: Are we not wronged?

He said: Yes ..

They said: Are we not displaced?

He said: Yes ..

They said: "Send us a king brings us together under the banner to fight for the sake of God and restore our land and our glory.

He was a prophet, I know them: Are you confident of fighting if fighting is prescribed for you?

hey said: Why do not we fight for the sake of God, was expelled from our homes, and the displacement of our children, and our situation worse?

Prophet said: God chose you Talot belong to you.

They said: How to be king over us is not from family members that come out of the Kings - the sons of Judah - as it is not rich and richest of us is it?

Prophet said: God chosen, and grace upon you knowledge and strength of his body.

They said: What is his sign?

Prophet said to them: Iserdja coffin they carry you to the angels.

This miracle took place .. And returned the Torah to them days .. Then fitted with Talot Army, marched the army for so long that I feel thirsty soldiers .. Talot king said to his soldiers: Snsadv rivers in the road, it is okay to drink from the army, and did not Ivgah but saliva, but only Filipq me in the army ..

The river, drank most of the soldiers, and were discharged from the army, was Talot been prepared for this exam knows the soldiers obey him and Iasah, and know which one bears a strong will and thirst, and which are weak-willed and surrender quickly. It only remains for three hundred and thirteen men, but all of the brave.

The number of members of the Army Talot a bit, and the enemy's army was large and strong .. He felt some - those elite - that they are weaker than Goliath and his army, and said: How do I defeat this mighty army ..?!

He said believers of the Army of Talot: victory is not well equipped gear, but victory is from God .. (A few km from the category dominated many God willing) .. Vthbtohm.

Emerged as Goliath in the iron shields and weapons, he requested one Ibarzh .. And feared soldiers Talot all .. Here, emerged from the army Talot shepherd David is a small .. David was a believer in God, and he knew that faith in God is the real power in this universe, and that lesson is not a lot of arms, nor the magnitude of the body and the appearance of falsehood.

The king, has said: "Whoever kills Goliath become the leader of the army and marry my daughter .. David did not care much for this temptation .. He wanted to kill Goliath because Goliath Jabbar and unjust man does not believe in God .. And allowed King David to Goliath swordsman ..

The David with his stick and five stones and Mqlaah (a dart used by pastoralists) .. Goliath provides the teeth with weapons and armor .. He scoffed at David and Goliath of the insulted and laugh at him, and put David in a strong stone Mqlaah and Touh in the air and fired stone. Goliath, wounding, killing him. The battle began and victorious army Talot Army is Goliath.

After a period now of David - peace be upon him - belonged to the children of Israel, gathered through his hands, a prophet and the king again. Come to some accounts tell us that Talot after famous star David ate his heart, jealous, and tried to kill him, and continues to weave the stories of such things. But we do not want to go into where we have no strong evidence of it.

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