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The blessed month

Wake up; wake up Hamad, his mother said. It's time for sahr. He woke up, but when his mother was out of the sight he went back to sleep again. His mother came into the room again, and he did the same thing again. His mother was angry now, so she decided not to wake him up.
In the morning when he woke up for school, he hardly remembered anything. The kitchen was empty nobody was there.
His mother was feeding the chickens, since they don't have to fast. Where is my breakfast? He asked his mother. There won't be anything to eat until sunset. Why? He asked. Because IT'S RAMADAN, she said. Oh! Oh! How come I missed it? Now he remembered everything. He went to school. There everybody in his class did fast. He was sorry for himself.

Their teacher told them about Ramadan. His Islamic studies teacher told them, that you shouldn't sleep too much in Ramadan. You should finish one Quran at least. The doors of heavens are open and the door of hell will be closed in this blessed moth. The Satan and other devils are chained. They can't bother you. So don't be lazy and pray as much as you can. Make a lot of prayers especially in the night of power. Hamad raised his hand. Yes? The teacher asked. Which night is the night of power? He said. Allah had hid this night in the last 10 nights, many scholars believes it's the 27th night and others say it could be 29th; but nobody knows for sure which night it is the teacher said. So it could be in 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th another student asked. Yes, you are right, the teacher said. They were still discussing when the bell rang.
When Hamad came home from school, he didn't even ask for food. He made wudu and went to the Masjid. It was time for Asar. He read the Quran when he came back. At Iftar he hardly ate anything. After dinner he did his homework and went to the Masjid to pray Isha.
Please wake me up for Sahr, I won't go back to sleep, I promise he told his mother before going to bed.I nsha Allah, his mother said. He felt so much peace inside him.

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