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A Duck named dick

Once there was a duck named Dick. He always liked to flap his wings as he swam in the Beautiful Blue Pond all day long by himself. One day, while he was swimming, he saw something different in the water. He saw a beautiful, bright, yellow flower. He loved that beautiful, bright, yellow flower.

It smell so good. He said to himself, "My Mom would love to have that beautiful bright yellow flower." He picked and took it home and gave it to his Mom. Dick's Mom's name is Sally. Sally loved the beautiful, bright, yellow flower. She said, "Oh, Dick, the flower is so pretty and smells so good. I think I will put it in a pretty vase with some water so it will last and long time. and set it in the window. Then it will be very happy sitting there in the window all day long. Others can see it and enjoy it, too. Sally and Dick really loved that flower.

One day, Sally and Dick went for a walk down by the Beautiful Blue Pond. Dick said to his Mom, "Oh, Mom, this is such a beautiful day, may we go for a swim." They swam all day long. It was so much fun. While they were gone, Humphery, the goat, came to their house to visit them. He waited a long time for them to come home. He saw the beautiful, bright, yellow flower in, the open window. He said to himself, "That flower is so pretty. And it looks so good to eat." So he ate it up.

When Sally and Dick got home, they saw that the flower was gone. Sally said to Dick "Oh, No! My beautiful, bright, yellow flower is gone! It is not in window where we left it. Someone has taken it. I feel so sad!" The next day the goat came to Dick's house again. He said, "Hi, my name is Humphery. Why are you so sad?" "Someone stole my beautiful bright yellow flower that was sitting in my window," Sally said to Humphery. "We loved that flower so much. It was sitting in our window and it made us so happy. My son, Dick, gave it to me as a special gift." This made Humphery very sad. He said, "I am so sorry that I eat your flower. I know it was wrong, but it looked so good. I hope you will forgive me. I didn't know it would make you both so sad." "Dick, why don't you and I go look for another beautiful, bright, yellow flower for your Mom. I would be glad to help you find one," said Humphery. Dick said, "That would be nice, and we do forgive you." So they went back to Blue Pond and found another bright, yellow flower and took it home to Sally. Now Sally was very happy again.
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