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Bobby Bear

One hot day, Panda and Takin (a goat-antelope found in the Eastern Himalayas) were dozing peacefully in the forest. Bear peeped through the bamboo. He had come to pay a visit. Bear sneaked up behind Panda.
“Put me down Bear!” said Panda. Takin woke up too. “Oh no,” he sighed. “Bear always means trouble.”
“Let’s play, Takin,” said Bear. “Put me down Bear!” said Takin.
“Hello!” boomed bobby into a hole. “Anybody home?”
“Yes,” said squirrel crossly. “Go away, Bobby!”
Next Bobby climbed the tree. “Oh stop that, Bobby” said dear. Then bobby shook a branch.
“I’ll dig you a hole,” Bobby said to squirrel. “No thank you, Bobby,” said the squirrel. But Bobby wasn’t listening…and he dug a hole anyway. Bobby rampaged about, chasing the peacocks. There was no peace and quiet in the forest any more. “Something must be done about Bobby,” said Panda. “Come on Takin. I have an idea…” He walked into a clearing and picked up some sticks. “What are you doing, Panda?” asked Bobby.
“Trying to throw sticks over that tall rock,” said Panda.”Silly Panda! You are not strong enough for that,” said Bobby, snatching a stick from Panda’s paw.
“I’ll show you how a bear can throw sticks,” said Bear. “Just watch me…” But Panda and Takin didn’t stay to watch. “RUN, Takin,” said Panda. Bobby threw the sticks hard and high, one after the other. He looked around – where were Panda and Takin? Bear turned back to the rock…and stared. A row of furious monkeys stared back at him. They had been playing on the other side of the rock and the sticks had landed on them.
“See how you like sticks on your head, Bobby!” they screeched. Poor Bobby fled. The monkeys chased Bobby out of the forest and down the hill. The animals sighed with relief. There would be peace and quiet in the forest again – until Bobby paid them another visit!
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