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Three little rabbits
Shanny the Fox
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Shanny the Fox

Shanny Fox was running through the snow. Huge flakes fell from the clouds, landing on the trees, grass and rocks. He loved leaving his paw prints in a field of fresh snow.
Harris Hare was hopping across a field. In the summer it was filled with wildflowers, but it was winter now and all he could see was snow. A few pieces of yellowish dead grass poked up through the whiteness.
"La la la la la," hummed Madeline. She sang as she walked through the field towards her house. "I hope Mum likes these biscuits and buns that Auntie Sufra made for her," she said, lifting the end of the towel to peek inside.
Harris saw Shanny running through the snow. He hopped over to him. "Shanny, do you smell something delicious?"
Shanny sniffed the air. "Why, it smells like biscuits and buns."
"Are you as hungry as I am? There aren’t many berries or tasty morsels to eat during these cold, wintry days. Where do you think that smell is coming from?" Harris asked.
"La la la la la," hummed Madeline once more.
"Over there," Shanny said. "It’s a lassie. She is carrying a basket over her arm. I’ll bet it is filled with shortbread, and ginger biscuits, and fluffy fresh-baked buns."

"She’ll not give them to us. She’s taking them to her home…unless we trick her," Harris smiled wickedly.
"Trick her?" Shanny was curious.
"I have an idea. I’ll go and lie down in the snow, right in the middle of the path. She’ll think I’m hurt, put the basket down, and try to help me. You sneak up behind her, grab the basket and run off. We’ll meet up later, down by the stream," Harris suggested.
"Great idea. You lie down and I’ll sneak the basket. Got it!" Shanny Fox sneered.
Harris hopped down the path and saw Madeline heading his way. "I’ll lie down right here. Hide in the bush, Shanny, and get ready."
Madeline hummed, "La la la la la," as she walked down the path. She spotted Harris lying in the snow. "What’s this? It looks like a hare and its hurt." She put her basket down and picked up the hare. "Poor wee hare. Are you freezing? I’ll wrap you in my coat for a little while and warm you up." She pulled her coat around him and hummed some more. "La la la la la."
The fox crept through the snow, ever so quietly, and picked up the basket when Madeline wasn’t looking. He dashed into the woods with it, grinning and giggling. He lifted up the towel and saw all the delicious biscuits and buns. "I think I’ll eat these by myself, before Harris gets here," Shanny said. He gobbled down several biscuits.
"Hey! What are you doing eating all the food? You were supposed to wait for me!" Harris shouted angrily.
"Where’s the lass?" Shanny asked, trying to change the subject.
"I hopped out of her arms when I saw you heading into the woods with the basket. She’s searching everywhere for me and for the basket," Harris chuckled.
"I was hungry. I couldn’t wait. Here, have one," Shanny said, handing the hare a sugary bun. Harris took it, but he was still angry at Shanny. As he was nibbling his bun, he thought of an idea to get even with Shanny.
"Say, Shanny. Let’s catch some fish to have with these biscuits and buns," Harris suggested. You’ve got a long tail. Why don’t you stick it in the stream? The fish will see it and think it’s a worm. They’ll bite your tail, softly, of course. All you will have to do is pull your tail out and we’ll eat the fish."
"Great idea," Shanny said. He was still hungry, even though he’d eaten five biscuits and two buns. He walked down to the stream and put his tail in the water.

"Just leave it in there for a while," Harris said. Harris waited patiently. He sat on the basket and tapped his paws up and down in the snow. "Pull your tail out now," Harris said. "I’m sure there’s a fish hanging on the end of it."
When Shanny reached around to pull his tail out, much to his horror, he found that the stream had frozen. "Help me, Harris. The water has frozen around my tail and I can’t get it out. There’s no fish, just ice."
Harris started to giggle. "I knew that would happen. You shouldn’t have ran off and eaten the biscuits. Now I’m going to take the basket and eat it the rest of it by myself. Cheerio," Harris smiled and ran off with the basket, leaving the fox with his tail frozen in the stream! "Next time don’t be so greedy," Harris called from a distance. The fox could do nothing but sit in the snow, wait for the ice to melt, and think about how he shouldn’t have been so greedy.

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