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Three little rabbits
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Three little rabbits

The three little fluffy rabbits sat at a morning table in order to serve themselves breakfast. They were served Carrot Crunch Cereal, which was like eating bite-sized flakes of carrot that have been prepared expertly in order to give it an added crunch as it was bitten.
The rabbits munched away, crunching each serving of cereal thoroughly. The room stirred with the sounds of eating as the rabbits ate more, and more. One bowl was never enough - the rabbits always fought over the box in order to help themselves to second servings. They competed in the eating while eyeing sharply at their adversaries as they munched, and crunched, each bite down. The faster eater would always help themselves to the largest helping of seconds, the second faster eater would help themselves to a moderate helping of seconds, and the third fastest eater was very lucky if they got any at all.
On this particular day the youngest finished first, and made a grab for the box in the middle so very swift that the other two rabbits had no chance of intercepting the grab. The baby rabbit smiled to itself as it poured the cereal into its bowl, ensuring to fill it right up to the very brim. The eldest rabbit finished next, and grabbed the box to pour a share that barely reached the halfway mark. With a grumble the eldest rabbit continued to munch and nibble at the sweet breakfast treat. When the last rabbit reached for the breakfast treat, there were only specs of crumble that had fallen into the bottom of the box while the other two rabbits grabbed, and pulled, out their share of cereal. The flakes were so soft, and light, that they floated on the light morning breeze and crumbed the rabbit's fine coat.

The middle rabbit huffed, the middle rabbit pouted, and the middle rabbit cringed as the other two gobbled and chewed their breakfast down, trying not to turn too sour as its stomach grumbled for more cereal. It watched its other siblings eat - the eldest rabbit was seen enjoying a leisurely munch that spelt out neither struggle to finish the poured portion, nor the hunger to continue to consume with urgency. The middle rabbit moved its sight onto the younger rabbit who ate quite speedily, despite appearing to be filled to the brim. The middle rabbit stared at the youngest finish its course, while hoping that its fluffy belly might get too full to continue on - the baby rabbit slowed, struggled, and had difficulty in getting down some tough swallows; but it munched its cereal down to the ground, with an expression which neither displayed a smile nor a frown. The middle rabbit sulked as its stomach grumbled on; when it looked up the other two rabbits were finished, and gone.

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