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Umar Farooq

Umar bin Khattab also known as Umar the Great or Farooq the Great (c 586-590 CE – 7 November 644) belonged to the tribe of Adi, a branch of Quraish.
He was also one of the 10 blessed companions (Ashra Mubshara) of the Holy Prophet (peace be up on him) who were promised Heaven in their lives.
His name was "Abu Hafs", a patronymic name of old traditions. His story of embracing Islam is the most popular event in the Islamic history. He was the one who took Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) along with a small group of Muslims in Kabah to offer payers for the first time in history. He challenged Quraish in these words: "If anyone wants to make his children orphan and wife as a widow, do stop us.”
The same words were heard by the Quraish again at the time of migration of Muslims to Madinah. Umar earned the title of "Al-Farooq" meaning the one who makes the clear difference between the Right and Wrong.
He donated half of his property in the way of Allah when the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) asked the Muslims to support the cause of Islam.
He was chosen as the second orthodox caliph after the death of Abu Bakr. His caliphate tenure of over 10 years is the most popular and memorable in the history of Islam. Piruzan, popularly known as Abu Lulu Firoz, a Persian slave of Mughira ibn Shu'ba, stabbed a dagger into Umar’s back while he was leading the Fajr prayers to Muslims in the position of prostrating (Sajdah).

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