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Saad bin Abi Waqas

Saad bin Abi Waqas (may Allah be pleased with him) had accepted Islam as a young boy. This disturbed and saddened his mother very deeply because he had given up the faith of his father and forefathers. She tried in many ways to bring him back to his previous faith. As the last resort, she tried to move her child emotionally and went on a hunger strike declaring she would not eat until her son reverts to the religion of his forefathers.
Saad was unnerved by this very act of stubbornness; however, he could not give up the religion deeply-rooted in his heart. His mother was also firm on her stance and was starving to death. Displaying strong determination and courage Saad said:
“My mother, if you had a hundred lives in your body, and each one of those hundred lives were to leave your body in front of my eyes, even then I would not recant and give up my faith in Islam. It is your wish whether you want to eat or not, as to myself, I will not leave my Prophet (peace be upon him).”
Greatly impressed by Saad’s determination and love for Islam, she ended her hunger strike.

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