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New World

Christopher Columbus, on his famous voyage of 1492, made landfall after nine weeks at sea on an island he named San Salvador— now also known as Watling Island —in the Bahamas.
Columbus, a Genoese, set sail with three ships, the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina, under the patronage of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. This voyage was the first of his attempts to find a sea route to Asia.
After leaving San Salvador, Columbus discovered the island of Cuba and then Haiti, where he left some members of his crews garrisoning a fort called La Navidad. His flagship had been wrecked and there was not enough room on the remaining two ships to take all the men home
Believing that he had reached Asia, Columbus returned to Spain where he was given a great reception. He came back with some “Indians” to show at court and evidence of the existence of gold in the New World. On his last voyage in 1502, Columbus reached Honduras. After much hardship, he returned to Spain in 1504 and died in 1506, an impoverished and broken man.

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