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The Continent of Oceania

The region of Oceania includes Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, New Guinea, and New Zealand, and when it is used as the name of a continent it also includes Australia. Sometimes this continent is only called "Australia", and a few people call it Australasia (the latter term can be confusing because some people use it to mean all of Asia and the Pacific Ocean Islands).  English Captain James Cook had added two precious jewels to the British crown, Australia and New Zealand in 1769.
In August 1768, the ship named Endeavour left Plymouth, England. It carried 94 men, including several brilliant scientists. The Navy also selected James Cook to head an expedition to the South Seas.
Cook sailed for the mysterious continent supposed to lie south-westward. His first important landfall was New Zealand. This he proved to be not one but two large islands. Indeed, he sailed around both islands and made a map of 2,400 miles of coastline.
Then he struck the south-east coast of Australia. No land had been known to lie there. The naturalists discovered so many new plants here that Cook named the region Botany Bay.
How big was this land? To answer that, Cook sailed along Australia’s east coast, Again and again the Endeavour came close to disaster in these waters—among the most dangerous in the world. In five months this little coal boat charted most of the treacherous east coast. On August 19, 1770, Cook took formal possession of his discovery in the name of the king. Then he sailed for home. On his way he explored much of the southern coast of New Guinea.

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