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Palestine which has superiority to be the land of the messengers of Allah (swt), unfortunately now a days is occupied by non-muslims . The history of Palestine begins before the stone-age.Hazrat Daood (A.S) ruled here for 33 years. Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S) also ruled here for many years. The jews founded Israeli kingdom here right after the death of Sulaiman (A.S) and strived hard to develop it. The land was then grabbed by the muslims during the caliphate of Hazrat Umer Farooq (R.A) and remained under the flag of Islam. The Jews fought many crusades to occupy it and unfortunately the jews occupied many cities in May 1948, aftre the illegal poccession of Israel.
    Bait-ul-Mukaddas is one of the ancient cities of Palestine. This is the only city which is considered to be sacred by the muslims, christians and jews equally. It was also the first Kibla of muslims ( the direction in which muslims turn in prayer) and the muslims had offered many prayers under the Imamat (leadership) of Prophet (p.b.u.h). This is the same mosque from which Prophet  (p.b.u.h) left for ‘Mairaj’. There are the graves of many prophets  too.
    Palestine is divided into two parts geographically. One part is closed to the western side which is occupied by the Jews, while to the side of Ghazi, the muslims are in majority. This is the only country in the world whose capital city is not decided yet and there are three currencies of this country which are Dinaar(urdun), American dollar and Jewish shakle. Vegetation, fruits and olives are cultivated here. There are many industries of cement, fabric and pearl too.
    Further, there is the most sacred place of the Jews too, which is called ‘Diwar Garya’. Jamia-e-Alquddus is the centre of modern education. The present generation of this country has only seen the barbarity despite of having so beautiful country. This is the only reason why each Palestinian and Pakistani is having the aim and firm determination to liberate not only Bait-ul-Muqaddas but also the whole Palestine.

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