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Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has its historical importance. Islam spread from its city Makkah for the first time. After the demise of prophet (p.b.u.h), his companions spread islam. In the beginning, the person was chosen as a ruler who would be capable enuogh and more efficient then the others. But later on the system of caliphate had turned into the monarchical system and after promulgation of this system, people started giving their rulership to their children.
    Many people tried to attack and grab this country but in vain and now a days, it is under the ruel of the children of Shah abdul aziz. Every year thousands of people come for pilgrimage to Makkah throughout the world where there is Khana-e-Kaba (The most sacred place for the muslims) . This assemblage is considerd to be the biggest gathering of the world. Allah (swt) has bestowed them with the wealth of crude which is the blessing for this country. The king of Arabia constructed here a superb mosque ( Masjid-e-Nabvi ) and Makkah-e-Moazzama for the muslims for their pilgrimage. The national language is Arabic and Riad is the capital city. The people here, love each other and spend money a lot for the peoples’ walfare. The currency here is Rial. Saudi airport is considered to be the biggest airport in the world.The people of Saudi Arabia are fond of delicious food. We can easily have all the varities of the dishes of the world in Saudi Arabia. Makkah and Madina have emence importance by history and tourism. People like football a lot. In Madina, is the graveyard of jannat-ul-baki in which many companions of Rasool Allah were burried. Besides, the grave of  prophet (p.b.u.h) is also there which is visited by many muslims throughout the world.
    The muslims of the world offer five times salat(pray) with their face fronting Baitullah Sharif. Saudi Arabia has the exveptional importance in muslim countries of the world and it is the center of the world.

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