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Trees and Our Prophet (Peace be upon him)

Both in his practices and in several of his Hadiths, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) attached great importance to planting trees, protecting existent ones, planting forests, as well as to conserving existent ones.
Some Hadiths of the Prophet connected with planting trees and protecting them are following.
If you have a sapling, if you have the time, be certain to plant it, even if Doomsday starts to break forth. al-Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir, iii, 30.
Whoever plants trees, God will give him reward to the extent of their fruit. Musnad, v, 415
Whoever reclaims and cultivates dry, barren land will be rewarded by God for the act. So long as men and animals benefit from it He will record it for him as almsgiving. al-Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir, vi, 39; Haythami, Majmau al-Zawaaid, iv, 67-8.
Whoever plants a tree, reward will be recorded for him so long as it produces fruit. Majma' al-Zawaid, v, 480.
If a Muslim plants a tree, that part of its produce consumed by men will be as almsgiving for him. Any fruit stolen from the tree will also be as almsgiving for him. That which the birds eat will also be as almsgiving for him. Any of its produce which people may eat thus diminishing it, will be as almsgiving for the Muslims who planted it. Bukhari, Tajrid al-Sahih, vii, 122; Muslim, Musaqat, 2 No. 2.
The reward accruing from seven things continue to reach the person concerned even if he is in his grave: knowledge he has taught, water he has provided for the public benefit, any well he has dug, any tree he has planted, a mosque he has built, recitations of the Quran bequeathed to him, and children who pray for him after his death. al-Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir, iv, 87.
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