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It's My Request

  By Mehwish Khan  
It’s my request to you to please save our environment. I, myself have joined hands in saving our environment. Our dearest mother earth is facing a huge problem of devastation, this devastation is in the form of  “POLLUTION" , "GLOBAL WARMING " , " NATURAL DISASTERS" , " DECLINE IN FORESTS" and the list goes on and on . I myself as an environment buster have pledged to make our earth free of the evils and make it a better place to live. I invite you all also to come forward and take small steps in saving the present and the future of our earth...
     The best thing you all can do to play your part in halting climate change is to spread awareness about this issue. Carry out some research online, learn about how the current devastating flood in Pakistan are a result of climate change and how there are just a glimpse of what is to come in a warmer world, if action is not taken immediately. Tell others about what you have learnt and tell them to spread the words too. There is no time to lose!!!!
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