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How to Remove Paint from Wood?

There is a method that involves infrared paint heater device, some heater tubes, scrapers, and money. Paint heaters are placed over the painted area, and when the paint is heated and softened, scraping the paint off becomes easier. However, this method is a wee bit costly, so it is only advisable to use it to remove old color from large painted areas like your wall or floor perhaps. For a less pricey removal of paint, you may opt to use a paint stripper.

Paint strippers or paint removers are solvent mixtures made to remove paint. They may come in a liquid or gel form that allows them to stay even on vertical surfaces. Paint strippers penetrate the paint film with their active ingredient, making the film swell. This increase in volume eventually causes internal strains abating the paint’s adhesion and leading to the separation of paint from the surface. But this is the scientific explanation of the removal of paint from wood. So, how to remove paint from wood in easy do-it-yourself steps?

Prepare your paint stripper, a brush and a scraper, some piece of cloth, and some scratch papers or old newspapers around your workplace. Your cloth and paper will help in preventing further mess around your area as you remove the paint. With your brush, dab some paint stripper on your paint. Then, while waiting for the paint finish to dissolve, you may cover the stripper with aluminum foil or plastic for optimal work. Once the paint has dissolved, use your scraper to remove the paint easily. You may repeat this method to make sure that no paint is left unscratched. As for latex paint on hardwood floors, there is a cheaper alternative for your paint heaters and paint strippers. Using the same method with your paint stripper, you may use rubbing alcohol instead. This was, according to some people, really effective.

Well, these are just some of the many ways of removing paint from wood. You may try using one of these methods or you may also go for a trial-and-error method using materials that are already available and cheaper too. Even in removing paint, you can still be the artist that you see yourself as. And just maybe, the creative juice you have that you tried so hard to squeeze is still there waiting to be dabbed on some wood-kissing paint. So go ahead, be resourceful and innovative.
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