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How Can I Get Taller?

It is a sad reality that when you are tall, you have an advantage over shorter people.  Height plays an important role in our lives; in the workplace, our relationship with other people, and most importantly, in our self-esteem.

Even though some people may not admit it, height does matter.  In our society, tall individuals are looked-up to, literally and figuratively speaking. Why not?  Being tall makes you the center of attention, and enhances your assets.  What is more, it also adds up to your attractiveness.

Noticeably, there are companies that only accept applicants that have height advantage.  Take for instance, in the modeling industry, they have height requirements.  Have you ever seen a model below 5’4 in height?

For those individuals who were not blessed with the height of their dreams, you may be curious to know, ‘how can I get taller’?  Truthfully, most of us are neither happy nor content with our height.  It would be easy to blame it all on your genes.  Partly, your genetic make-up has something to do with it.  However, genes are not the only one to blame on why you are short.  Nutrition, stress and hormones are also the culprits behind the failure of your physical growth.

Just because you are blessed with tall genes does not mean that you would just sit back and accept your fate.  In contrast to popular belief, there are several stretching exercises that can make you grow a few inches taller.  But do not expect to grow as tall as your favorite basketball player.  There is limitation on how far your body can stretch, based on your genetics.

Some of the best stretching exercises are the limb stretching exercises.   They are simple exercises; all you have to do is stretch all the limbs, such as your calves, back, thighs, hamstrings, hands and chest.  Besides that, perform body stretching exercises by hanging on a bar, like the monkey bars for 30-40 seconds.  At the same time, twist your body from side to side.

When it comes to stretching exercises, no one can beat out yoga exercises.  Performing yoga can tone your muscles, and stretches the spine, thus, gradually increasing your height.  Other work-outs that can help you grow taller are cycling, swimming, skipping and running.

On one hand, there are other supplemental ways that you may do besides stretching.  Remember when you were younger, your mom asked to sleep.  Yes, sleeping can aid in making you grow taller, by promoting the release and distribution of growth hormone throughout the body.
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