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Celebrating Ramadan

During Ramadan Muslims fast during daylight hours, if they are well enough. Often younger Muslims want to fast too. Very young ones may be allowed to fast for a morning, to see what it is like. Those fasting must have a meal (called Suhoor) before dawn. Then during daylight we fast. We should break our fast immediately after sunset, even if we have only a sip of water and few dates. Straight after the sunset prayer (Maghrib) we enjoy a good meal. Breaking the fast is called Iftar.
The main purpose of fasting is self-discipline, to help us behave well throughout the year and be grateful to Allah for the blessings He has showered upon us.
Fasting and Iftar remind us of the people who do not have enough to eat. This encourages us to give money or food to the poor. The value of food becomes so alive at Iftar. Words praising Allah come rushing to our lips. At Iftar Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would pray: “Praise be to Allah who helped me to keep my fast, who nourished me so that I could break my fast. Praise be to Allah; the thirst is quenched and the veins are moist. And by God’s will our return is certain.”

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