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Hajj takes place once a year. It is the pilgrimage made to Kabah in city of Makkah. Each year over two million Muslims from around the globe gather in Makkah for Hajj. The men wear two unstitched cloths called ihram. The women wear their normal clothes.
They all walk around the Kabah seven times. Over and over again they say: “Here I am 0! Allah, here I am.” The pilgrims also walk briskly seven times between two small hills near the Kabah. This reminds them of Prophet Ibrahim’s wife running between these hills to find water to save her baby’s life.
The rites of Hajj take about a week, and the pilgrims stay in tents for part of it. One act of Hajj is to throw small stones at the pillars that represent Satan. This shows how believers should avoid temptation. One of the main acts of Hajj is to visit the hill of Arafat and stand there to say prayers. Here Prophet Muhammad gave his historic sermon in which he said: “No black man is better than a white man, and no white man is better than a black man, except in how God-conscious he is.”

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