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4 Fantastic After School Activities to Do With Children

  4 Fantastic After School Activities to Do With Children  
Whatever your role may be, a child's exciting day can continue once they leave the school house. There are great ideas that one can do with children after school, in order to keep their minds working and going. These ideas are fantastic ways to simply have an enjoyable time with children after school.

1. Allow them to make a snack with you. Children love to help those older than them. Instead of making their snack alone, find suitable ways for them to assist you in preparation of their meal after school.

2. Take a trip to the park. If weather permits, a dose of sunshine is sure to be engaging and fun as an activity for children after school. If there is no park around, any safe area that an adult deems suitable is also appropriate.

3. Have story time. Children of all ages love being read to. Find a book from your home collection, or borrow one from a public or school library to read to children after school. Not only are they being entertained, but their love of reading is being fostered

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