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Students are not paying much attention.....

Students are not paying much attention towards their studies and always busy in chatting, playing games on computer, watching television.

ayesha shahid
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ayesha shahid
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Published On: Sep 9th 2010
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Zainab  Rizvi
I agree with urooj Zainab Rizvi
Saudi Arabia
Feb 5th 2018
Urooj Naveed
If they are not paying attention so they should think that they are responsible for their future . BTW parents should make time table for them . And not only parents have mistake students also have mistakes . Children should think that their parents are working day and night and this is the result!!! Urooj Naveed
Saudi Arabia
Aug 6th 2017
Rameen Khan
i agree.......which is not a good thing.parents must scold their children in this case Rameen Khan
Jun 19th 2016
Berha Irfan
Well they should give extra time to their studies and less time to games but Sheraz is also right (The last one) Berha Irfan
Apr 27th 2016
Zain Jamil
Students should have a limit of playing and studying . Or they should make a time table but in exams you should not play at all ! Zain Jamil
Jun 22nd 2014
Qurratul Ain
Mar 25th 2014
 Shiza Javed
well I think that when exams are going on so children should not chat or play video games and if they want to do it so they should give less time to it. Shiza Javed
Feb 21st 2014
izza youre right and but it is not the mistake of the children it is the mistake of the parents. but there are many people who dont allow their children to eat alot of junk food HAFSA IRFAN
Feb 15th 2014
Laiba Bashir
you are right and the students should make a shedule in order they could keep a limit of time and studies Laiba Bashir
Aug 11th 2013
Saaniya Fatima
agree with you Saaniya Fatima
Jul 20th 2013
Soha Suhail
I agree Izza baji! Soha Suhail
Jun 7th 2013
Gullasht Fatima
AOA i m also agree with izza Gullasht Fatima
Apr 17th 2013
Fatima Uroos
South Korea
Feb 5th 2013
Duaa Yousuf
I agree with you IZZA WAHEED! Children are more inclined towards spending their time in useless activities rather than trying to concentrate at their studies... Duaa Yousuf
Jun 12th 2012
Fatima  Qasim
an excellent point!children are effecting by internet,media,cartoons etc. Fatima Qasim
Dec 9th 2011
Aliza Syed
ya i think its true but its not only their fault, if they should be not given attention so, they'll think that they are free to do anything. so its not completly their fault. Aliza Syed
Jul 29th 2011
Salwa Imtiaz
i is not the students fault it is the fault of there minds..... Salwa Imtiaz
Jun 20th 2011
Marium Malik
That's right! it's not always the student's mistake the parents also should be careful but the kids still should study as much as they can Marium Malik
Saudi Arabia
Feb 13th 2011
Abdul Wali Salman
students are paying less attention because t.v, games and other fun things are a great source of attraction for students. Abdul Wali Salman
Feb 12th 2011
Izza Waheed
Dear sister Ayesha! don't make "students" the point of objection.First of all, look what is the reason that they are not paying attention to studies.Everyone knows the reason: 1. Electronic Media 2. Mobile 3. Internet. So, we should try to let the students avoid these things so they complete their education first because, the students of today are the future of Pakistan. Thankyou. Izza Waheed
Jan 16th 2011
Hasan  Ahmed
student not much giving attention because they are ill thats why. Hasan Ahmed
Dec 28th 2010
Muhammad Saad
Thats absoluetly right students are not paying mauch attention on their studies expect surfing on internet and Chatting these students are just like us and we should advise them not to waste their precious time in such kind of things.Well the main of its "credit" goes to a famous chatting website that is familiar to us. Muhammad Saad
Dec 20th 2010
Madni Manzoor
1. parents bought them mobile phone, games or PC with internet, it's exceed use is destroying our youth. 2. Books are becoming less interesting solution: - i. Parents should not buy them such stuff or if they bought them, they must let them use them limited, parents should give time to their kids and try to avoid from such stuff by talking with them about some interesting topics. ii. Books need to improve more and more every year and have to make them more and more attractive (especially books and studies of primary and elementary classes) Madni Manzoor
Saudi Arabia
Nov 24th 2010
Waleed Siddiqui
Students r paying attention towards studies but there are several problems which are irritating them & they are not enough confident to ask these problems from their tachers..!!!! Waleed Siddiqui
Nov 19th 2010
Aleena Majeed
i dont think that students are not paying their attention towards studies. we can say that they are getting involve in other activities but they are paying attention towards their studies because we know that a person from our country has secured 22 as Aleena Majeed
Nov 1st 2010
Ibrahim Malik
I think that students are not paying attention because they need some break while studing like in some schools there is only 10 mins break then they should give atleast 35 min break like in my school every single child pays attention because they have a long break. that was all my thinks. Ibrahim Malik
Oct 26th 2010
Aleena Mazhar
they need a break from STUDY Aleena Mazhar
American Samoa
Oct 25th 2010
Minhil Bukhari
everyone who has commented on this page is ABSOLOYTELY right and i agree with all of a days children are getting so much pampered too.their parents are buying mobile phones for them. one child named fatimah said that my name is fatima and the thing i love in the most in the world is FACEBOOK. this shows that how much the children are getting pampered Minhil Bukhari
Oct 21st 2010
Aleena Majeed
yes its true that students are not paying much attention towards their studies because of the advanced media, facilities of internet and television in every home and the wide use of mobile phones.and except studies children are involved in all types of activities. Aleena Majeed
Oct 19th 2010
Areesha Tasawwur
Children r not paying attention 2 their studies becoz there r many things like internet, TV, video games e.t.c. Areesha Tasawwur
Oct 11th 2010
Sana Majeeb
they should think before using the computer that they have to pass their class!!!!!!!!!!!! Sana Majeeb
Oct 9th 2010
Hasan Rehman
Yup!!!children don't pay attention on their studies due to internet and television and different games.They even do not remember to offer namaz!!!!!!!=( Hasan Rehman
Oct 7th 2010
Bukhtawar Shaikh
ya you are totally correct and nowadays due to face book also children don't pay attention to there studies , so parents should not allow their children for face book even. Bukhtawar Shaikh
Sep 25th 2010
Maymoona Mohsin
you are right but after the child grows up he is responsible for all the activities he does because he know the difference of right and wrong Maymoona Mohsin
Saudi Arabia
Sep 23rd 2010
Minhil Bukhari
you are absoloutly right.this is the same thing today in everyone,even me.we have a lot of time to chat and play games with our friends but we don't have time to study.this is the main problem in children now a days.our parents are spending so much money only for our studies and we are chatting,playing and doing stuff.children are doing everything except studying. Minhil Bukhari
Sep 16th 2010
Sheraz Khan
you are right,but this is not their mistake,their parents are responsible for all that because they are not paying much attention towards them. Sheraz Khan
Sep 10th 2010
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