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How can we make planning....

How can we make planning and strategies of studies for upcoming year?

waqas  khan
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waqas khan
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Published On: Dec 13th 2010
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Urooj Naveed
We should make time table .☺ Urooj Naveed
Saudi Arabia
Aug 6th 2017
Nisha Qazi
One must be scheduled person. Nisha Qazi
Feb 27th 2017
Berha Irfan
a timetable or by reading an equal amount of questions everyday of every subject in the time you have Berha Irfan
Mar 31st 2016
Maida Amjad
we can make a strong time-table. Maida Amjad
Mar 16th 2016
Mahrukh Durrani
A proper timetable should be made first of all. Mahrukh Durrani
Aug 23rd 2015
Maikham Adil
make a timetable. strictly follow it. all the work should be learned before exams. Maikham Adil
Aug 3rd 2014
 Shiza Javed
we should make a proper timetable for studies. Shiza Javed
Feb 21st 2014
Shayan  Hasnain
I agree Muhammad Saad Shayan Hasnain
Sep 14th 2013
Fakiha Khan
listening attentively and practice is also enough. i ve experimented on ME.moreover i M in 10. so advice is relaible. Fakiha Khan
Aug 23rd 2011
Mehvish Ibrahim
we should study the lessons the day it is taught so that there is no tension at the end of exams!!! Mehvish Ibrahim
United Arab Emirates
Mar 12th 2011
Mishal Shahzad
we need to make a proper timetable and then follow it properly Mishal Shahzad
Mar 4th 2011
Marium Malik
yes it would be nice to use a timetable. Marium Malik
Saudi Arabia
Feb 13th 2011
Bint Waseem Mughal
i agree wd aleena Bint Waseem Mughal
United Arab Emirates
Feb 5th 2011
Aleena Majeed
I think we all should make proper time table for our studies and we should strictly obey it. THANKS! Aleena Majeed
Dec 23rd 2010
Muhammad Saad
well thats a very difficult to decide but we should make time tables according to our session calendar. Muhammad Saad
Dec 18th 2010
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