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Is Air Heavy? Category: Science
Dated: 2009-10-19
Here is a good way to find out if air weighs anything. it is difficult to take all the air out of a tin or bottle without special equipment but you can do it with balloons.

Steps to taken

1. Tie a balloon on to each end of the stick. Slide the strings along the stick until the stick hangs exactly level again. Now prick one balloon with a pin and watch.
2. Tie the end of one string tightly to the middle of the stick. Hang the stick up by the other end. Slide the string along the stick until it hangs exactly level.
3. Blow up one balloon and tie the neck with a second string. Blow up the second balloon until it is about the same size as the first. Tie the neck with a third string.

How it happens

When you burst one balloon, all the air comes out. The other balloon with air in weighs more than the empty one, so the stick goes down.
If you weighed a bottle which holds one litre of air and then took all the air out and weighed it again, the bottle with air would weigh one gram more than the bottle without.







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A thin stick, about 60 cm long
  • 2 Balloons, which are the same size and shape
  • 3 Pieces of string, each about 30 cm long
  • A pin