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Mixing & Separating Category: Science
Dated: 2012-05-16

About solute and solvent

In order to dissolve something there needs to be two substances – a solute and a solvent:
(A solute is a solid that dissolves and a solvent is the liquid it has dissolved in)
Koolaid can be dissolved in water.
Sugar can be dissolved in water.
Instant coffee can be dissolved in water.
A mixture called a solution is made when a solid disappears into a liquid. When the substance dissolves the solution is transparent. The solution could be of a colour. If it is not transparent (see-through), it is not a real solution.
A solid solute dissolves in a solvent to make a mixture called a solution.
In order to melt something you need only one substance:
Chocolate melts in a fondue pot.
Butter melts in a frying pan.
Wax melts in a burning candle.
Ice melts on a hot day.

Steps to be taken

1.    Take some sugar and stir it into a jug of water.  The granulated crystals dissolve and mix with the water.
2.    Take an ice cube from the freezer and place it on a plate and take it outside on a hot day and watch it melt.
3.    Try melting and dissolving some of the other items above or try some items that you may have around the house.
Note:  Make sure you have adult supervision it you burn a candle or melt butter or chocolate.
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  • Butter
  • Ice Lolly or Ice Cube
  • Candle
  • Sugar
  • Koolaid
  • Chocolate
  • Ground coffee