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Model of an animal cell Category: Science
Dated: 2012-04-26
Do you know what your body is made of? It's made of skin, bone, blood, muscles and fat. But what are these made of? All the different parts of your body are made up of tiny living things called cells.
All plants and animals and other living things are made up of cells. Some very small forms of life are made up of just one cell.
Cells are the building blocks of life. All living things are made up from at least one cell.

Steps to be taken

1. Ask an adult to help you dissolve the gelatine in some hot water. Add enough warm water to make a jelly that will set. Leave the jelly to cool for a few minutes.
2. Pour half of the jelly into the plastic bag. Keep the rest of the jelly warm, while the jelly in the plastic bag sets. It will set more quickly in a cool place.
3. When the jelly in the bag is partly set, put in the plastic ball. Then add the rest of the jelly. Tie a knot in the bag to seal it and trim off the ends.
This is roughly the shape of an animal cell. The plastic bag is like the membrane. The plastic ball is like the nucleus, and the jelly represents the cytoplasm.
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  • Water
  • A small, solid, plastic ball
  • A small plastic bag
  • Scissors
  • Some gelatine