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Plant a Tree Category: Environment
Dated: 2012-03-15
Trees produce oxygen for us to breathe, remove pollution from the air, and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Here's how you can plant a tree.

Steps to be taken

1.    First decide when to plant your tree. Find out when National Arbor Day is celebrated in your state.
2.    Now decide where to plant your tree. You can plant your tree in your backyard with your family. Or you can ask your teacher if there is a place to plant it at school.
3.    Buy your tree. For $10 you can join the National Arbor Day Foundation and receive ten trees in the mail. Ask an adult to help you sign up and order your trees. You can also buy a tree from your local nursery (a place that grows trees and other plants). Ask a person who works at the nursery to help you choose a tree that will grow well in your area.
4.    Prepare your tree for planting. If you ordered a tree through the mail, it will have bare roots. Unpack the tree and soak the roots in water for 3 to 6 hours. If you bought a tree at a nursery, ask someone there for planting instructions.
5.    Plant your tree. Dig a hole that is just as deep as and about twice as wide as the roots. Place the tree in the hole and hold it upright while a friend fills the hole with dirt. Pack down the dirt. Give your tree plenty of water.
6.    Spread a layer of mulch about two inches deep around your tree but not touching it. (You can buy mulch at a nursery.) Mulch helps keep your tree from drying up.
7.    Water your tree often over the next year and watch it grow!
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