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Egg Graffiti Category: Science
Dated: 2011-08-08
Can you etch your initials or a drawing on an ordinary egg—without breaking the shell?

Steps to be taken

1.  Carefully draw or write on the egg with the crayon. Put the egg in the jar, cover it with the vinegar and let it stand for several hours. Then dump out the vinegar.

2.  Replace it with fresh vinegar, and allow the egg to stand in it for another hour or two. Then wash the egg and remove the wax crayon marks. The eggshell may be very fragile, but your drawing or writing remains!

How it happens?

The acid in the vinegar combines with the calcium carbonate of the shell and dissolve much of it hut not the part that you wrote on with the wax crayon. The wax protects that part of the shell from the vinegar so that the section on which your drawing is not dissolved.
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  • hard-boiled egg
  • crayon
  • cup of vinegar
  • jar