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Recycle the Paper Category: Environment
Dated: 2011-07-13
You can make your own recycled paper and use it for painting and drawing.

Steps to be taken

1.    Tear the two or three pages of newspaper into tiny pieces.
2.    Drop the pieces into the blender.
3.    Pour five cups of water into the blender.
4.    Cover the blender. And switch it on switch the blender on for a few seconds or until the paper is turned into pulp.
5.    Pour about one inch of water into the pan.
6.    Pour the blended paper (pulp) into a measuring cup.
7.    Put the screen into the pan and pour one cup of blended paper pulp over the screen.
8.    Spread the pulp evenly in the water with your fingers.
9.    Lift the screen and let the water drain.
10.    Open the newspaper section to the middle and place the screen with the pulp into the newspaper.
11.    Close the newspaper.
12.    Carefully flip over the newspaper section so the screen is on top of the pulp.
13.    Place the board on top of the newspaper and press to squeeze out excess water.
14.    Open the newspaper and take out the screen. Leave the newspaper open and let the pulp dry for at least 24 hours.
15.    The next day, check to make sure the pulp paper is dry. If it is, carefully peel it off the newspaper.
16.    Now you can use it to write on!

See! how easy it is to make recycled paper? Now that you know how easy it is, you can help save trees and fight the garbage problem by recycling your paper... and buying recycled paper.
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  • Two pages of an old newspaper
  • A whole section of a newspaper
  • A blender
  • Five cups of water
  • A big square pan that is at least 3 inches deep
  • A piece of window screen that fits inside the pan
  • A measuring cup
  • A flat piece of wood according to the size of a newspaper’s front page